Record Key Events and Outcomes


A few weeks back, I drafted a nice outline of the major numbers of my life–from my age, numbers of professions, states lived, countries done business, capital bought and sold.  Enjoy!  I left it in draft, but publish it now, here.  Summary continues at link.
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Client Dinner, Help Grok Trump-Hillary, Stranger than Fiction


Client invited me to dinner last week.  ‘David.  I cannot pay you per hour to go out and discuss politics, but if you are OK with that, would so much appreciate it, if you would be willing to educate me, on Trump versus Hillary.  I am so perplexed.  And know you are most adroit at all this and can help educate me’.

Not to mention, that I am the rarest liberal who is willing to admit that there are definitely thing I very much appreciate about Trump, and similarly Clinton, and will out and out not vote for neither, so WAY more than impartial.

They took pages of notes, over a three+ hour dinner facing the ocean, and it worked out real well.  Discussed the Vince Foster suicide, Hillary’s reputed trading $1,000 to $100,000, impeachment, Travelgate, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp, Julian Assange and Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, scrubbing servers and FBI request for evidence, Trump negotiations to buy the Plaza Hotel, the role of inequality, his bankruptcies, meanness and reputed prejudice and misogyny, his great kids, faux paus after Brexit in Scotland saying how great his golf course was, Gennifer Flowers, and much more.  Who needs reality shows.  We have the election.

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CRM After the Flood!


Sometimes we have a client which is not our largest, but for which we do our very best and with passion. I Have been working with the general manager of TGC since February, in a much coveted referral. From another treasured client.

Might as well be family given the deep tradition, doing back to K having worked for what is reputed to have been THE greatest coach in the last thirty years, might as well be Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky. Told the President M, ‘Let me show you what I can do. I am NOT learning how to do this. I know exactly what to do’. And so it was.

We are now in our ninth engagement since then, and keep winning the next commitment or retainer. Yet with a $1M business and plans to tear down a facility and build a new one for six, promising to have 600 visitors per day–ambitious to say the least, NOT having any electronic audiance was a clear invitation for me to step in and build it.

Dare I say, I am MORE proud of the 1,000 visitors we got in the first three months, than the 170,000 views P got in the last year, two major efforts I have been central two.

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Viral Video

Major long term client, finally had a viral video, which went to 400k views on YouTube. Long story. Last week, guided them through a careful edit and vetting process of response to the Washington Post, which was very unfair in how they handled this issue. Yet the exaggeration and hyperbole, in fact, actually helped the video go world wide. Interesting times. Most of the six or seven who vetted their note, were Phd’s or scientific world leaders. His other key context, ‘A’ and I, were the two he trusts the most, and helped keep him out of harms way. Rebuttal has taken near two weeks, and set to print in next few days.

Site traffic went from 80k in nine months, to 143k in ten months, videos went from 163k in September, to now 827,000 views similarly. Major advisory in each and every step. We are a great team. Talk on Skype or Facetime, several times per week and promises to continue. Held low rate, gave them in September, out of service.

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Pre-Brexit Stress, Advisory

Was engaged by client, to do an analysis of a $1.4 portfolio with $400k in stock, custodied at a ‘big-wirehouse’. Helped determine stop loses for major of positions. Very complex. Before Brexit we were happy campers, and after recent stock ‘melt-up’ in late June, most of July, glad we did not sell it all. But you cannot finish a job unless engaged, and was not able to get last of it all sold off, which I would certainly have done by now. Life is not perfect. Sell too early, too late, whatever. My experience is having bought and sold $300M in stock, so not quite a beginner. Cannot begin to tell you here, just give sense of activity.

The Yen ‘carry trade’ is driving it all now, and enough is enough. Trees to do not grow to the moon. Vix is at 12.02 and will not stay there. Steppest term structure in years, presages horror shown of stock collapse awaiting all. Not my time or place to explicate. Be warned. That is all.

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