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twter followers to follow 1

Ask ANY master car mechanic, to text you, explaining how they go about getting an older car to run properly or run at all, or just try asking, an attorney in Contested Wills and Estates how they go about, protecting an interest or objecting to meritless claims, and its just too much to ask anybody. At the same time, it IS reasonable, to ask them, ‘I wish to learn about how to pull an engine head myself, and if I were to do so, what do I need, or how best learn?’ or ‘I am thinking of law school, wanting to work in Estates and Wills. Where is the best place to start?’ or ‘If you had it to do it again how would you go about it, in todays times, and where and with whom?’ And so on.

So here. I cannot tell you all I know. I cannot teach you to fish. But I can tell you to fly fish, or casting off jetties, or where or with whom, or how. You must fish yourself. But help you how to see a unique and abstract, but nevertheless discriminable environment. Let us continue:

Here are my notes, with a data sample of one hundred or XYZ’s twitter followers, so you can a. see the raw numbers and b. so that I could drop it in Excel, and in so doing, be able to TRY to show you, at a passing glance, what I am able to see plainly and easily and immediately, at a passing glance:

twter followers to follow 0

These are, followers 608 to 707, in rows of twenty five, five sets each. For example, at follower PR 697 in the near upper L, notice they follow 1,253, and are followed by 3,102. I followed back. This is someone, who clearly adds value. Then notice SC, who follows 1,062, but followed by JUST 99 persons. Move along please!

Some men might disagree, but NO man can LOVE ten women. No man can love three women. A man can love one woman. Love the one you are with. So here.

When inevitably, you get to 500, then 1,000 Facebook or Twitter followers, who 5,000 or 10,000, there comes a point, where you not only start to GET interaction, but darn right need to do so! That is to say, when you are there to be of service, and not just say ‘look at me!’, ‘pay attention to me!’ Otherwise, you are just part of the standard, ‘circle-jerk’ rip off, that goes if not for all of the world, well, OK then. Then you are part of the most of the world that is asleep and just along for the ride.


Now peak at the top image, of the above sheet, rendered into Excel then curated. Column one, has THOSE followers, who range from a super strong follow/followed rate of TE’s 22.9, PK at 9.3, down to ER at 1.4 (hand note, columns two, four, and three respectively) . Those are followers, shown with the green circle, on the hand written notes.

Now lets move onto the bad ones, who superficially, unprompted MIGHT seem to be worthy, but are NOT and to clearly explain why:


On the other extreme, see MI in column two, who follows 4,283 yet followed by JUST 98. You know the friends, who keep going to parties, but when they are in front of others, do not listen, do not bring a gift, just eat the food and go? So here. In the prior instance, ER is just on the cusp, yet while following 1,019 is also followed by 1,431. We follow them. This is not, repeat, not a perfect system but within a confidence factor of more like 95%, not just 65% or 40%, it works. We did follow TJ at column four, because of work over a year or two, for thought leader ABC, who I grew the Twitter following from, 360 to 1,400 in half a year, and know their work in good (TJ), who can be counted on to retweet, that is to say, am familiar with.

We also followed GL at column three, since it is good to keep an eye on your adversaries. I spoke with them, gifted time, and was treated so rudely so fast, and so vehemently, blocked them in my own account. Yet they are not all bad, just bad for me, and XYZ and ABC both followed em, and recently saw a YouTube video and such. As a famed actress said, upon being asked:

“Why do you have a full bar, downstairs? I thought you went through AA” Whereupon, she said, “I have all this for my friends when they visit. I have no problem with folks enjoying alcohol. I just dont want it, for me!” So here.


Over time, folks will send you private messages, ask you to look at their dissertation, attend an event, like their page, and if your Profile or Timeline are NOT totally filled with idiots, who can only retweet, in the echo chamber of madness, that is this world, you will need to if not want to, pay attention to them. You cannot kiss all the girls, but if you do kiss, make it good and do not pretend!

CUT YOUR Facebook friends from 3,000 to 1,000, or cut them from 947 to 500. Just try it. And. And. And god forbid, do not follow anyone back at twitter, unless they have FAR more following them, than they follow and perforce, by shear force of mathematics, when they pay attention to you, will be worth something.

Attention is precious. Guard it. And raise the bar.

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Which Way the Wind Blows or 10% of the Planet

Some ten percent of the stock dollar value of the planet, is made up of some ten companies. As it is, so goes the S&P 500, so goes the world.  Indeed, lets go one step further and say that, as goes Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Tesla, so goes ‘The S&P’.

I am NOT saying, that this is good or attractive.  Rather, I am saying that in Paretosque form, that to understand the fate of nature, climate, and society–if not major fate itself–this is a major factor to look at (for better or worse) as the world goes.  A structure will behave according to the properties of its system.  You can bet on it.

I wrote more about this today under my new Knowledge tab, here under Capital Markets. I will be sharing more, in the days ahead. Todays page discusses this in detail:

World capital markets of some one hundred trillion dollars are very substantially dominated by the US stock markets. US stocks were reported as having been worth 50.8 trillion on December 31st.

Since the ETF known as the SPY–by all accounts, the single best proxy for the Standard and Poor’s 500, aka as SPX–closed at 374.40 at year end, and today February 11th, 2021 is priced at 390.25, this is an increase of 15.85, 4.33% or 52.96 trillion.’ Full article, continues at link, here.

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Trees Do Not Grow To The Moon

I reproduce here, a  note to my very good friend, Jordan Lindsey of Conquer Trading, at YouTube, as a comment at his last video titled:  Market View: Nasdaq & S&P 500 Technical Analysis, How Much Pullback Before You Buy?

‘Dear Sensei Jordan, I did some figures this morning, with both you and Michael Norman in mind (MMT, YouTube):

We ALL already know that valuations are at nosebleed levels. Yet its a matter of degree, not of kind. With no criticism to anyone here, for if we are to downgrade anyone, better it be me, not others or you. There just HAS to be more too it, than lines for support and resistance.  Nevertheless:
When you take any of the top ten ‘Go-go stocks’ such as TSLA, then of course the other biggie S&P companies such as AAPL, AMZN, MSFT, GOOG, FB, NVDA, NFLX, V, and PYPL, aggregate their market capitalization, comes to 7.75 trillion. Not for an economy. No. That would be too easy. A small set of dominators, in this oligopoly or plutocracy run by psychopaths (cf Chris Hedges, Dahr Jamail, Noam Chomsky, Stuart H. Scott, Paul Beckwith).
(yahoo finance. Just as we can say, Outlook is nearly the ONLY program MSFT ever sustained and managed not to completely ruin, with maybe Excel a close second, Yahoo managed to loose its excellence, yet their financial data reporting while not as good as what it used to be, is–like their sports data, still very good–quite good. cf ‘Income’ and Summary’).
Then aggregate the sales, which comes to 1.06 trillion, for a PSR of 7.7. Ten or twenty years ago, a price to sales ratio of 3.0 or 4.0 was considered VERY rich, say, for Peoplesoft or Siebel or Veritas, so on, among many good examples).
With the acceleration of change, and disintermediation of money, that has gone on–i.e. you deposit 1k to bank, they loan it out, then THAT money is loaned and the circle jerk just goes on, until nearly no one can remember, how it is that we got HERE. Not just inflation, but, so much money, which in turn, is turned into money, until nearly no one can quite remember, how it is, that we got here.

Yet if you take, the never mind, USA or EAFA or whatever poison you care to measure, lets say, THE planet is valued at 85 trillion (not now. Yes, I have it in Excel, not some stupid figure from USA Today or Huffington Post, etc), my own data. Call it 78, or 81, or 83 or 87, whatever, the comparisons remain and we place the super concentration into the NQ or Nasdaq 100 is placed into resolution:
The USA is about 40% of this, what I wryly like to call ‘the planet’. Gosh. Of that, about 80% is in the S&P 500, which means puts America at 34t, means SPX is 27 trillion (NYSE and Nasdaq. Used to be 8 or 9,000 public companies, now 6,450.
Here is where it gets interesting: in the S&P and has more or less been this way, since at least 1994, HALF the value of the S&P is occupied by no more than fifty companies, at times nearly forty. That puts us at $17,000,000,000,000 for THOSE forty or fifty companies. Of those, these ten are worth 7T.
Will not last. Its true I was up 330% for the last seven weeks, from starting capital. That is no longer true. Lets get real, keep it real. I am not perfect. After thirty years+, I am still not 100% in all ways. ‘Nothing is so expensive, as a real education’ (life education). And yet, I am not done yet. I see these numbers, and cannot believe, a PSR or 7 is permanent, no matter how breathless wonderful the Fed or Powell put is…
Lastly, not sure if it helps much, to add PG, HD, XOM, etc, but plan to compare these top 9 SPX companies–TSLA of course, duly NOT in the S&P, but will compare and report more, another day. Whatever it is, 7 x sales is an extreme abnormality. Means sales must double to get to 3.5 and as markets value goes up, and if it goes up, will not work in tandem, no more than GE, WSX, S, WCOM, AIG kept their mantle.
To be continued.
———- ———-

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Here we are, on earth.  Such a dream!

Lets suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream, and you would naturally as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes. You would have every kind of pleasure, you see, and after several nights you would say, well that was pretty great, but now lets have a surprise, lets have a dream which isn’t under control. Well something is going to happen to me that i don’t know what it’s gonna be. Then you would get more and more adventurous, and you would make further and further out gambles as to what you would dream, and finally you would dream where you are now.” – Alan Watts

Or if you prefer instead:

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Leaders are persons, who guide a
group, according to a clearly stated plan,
ardently reinforcing what is important.

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Its been awhile. Wanted to write several posts yesterday–for much needed updates on several topics and or engagements–but as Rebirther Sandra Ray said in her book on ‘Loving Relationships’ related to rebirthing: ‘Love drives out all unlike itself’.

And as a consequence of that, the divine gift was a new hard drive. One more day of life gone. Now I must write on demand, not comfort, so I am not too out of date. Never forgotten but much delayed. But I did have many files backup or, or if not perfectly, sufficient to have saved more work for reuse for when and if.

The divine elixir said, let David be lighter. Strip his PC of files and all structure. So be it. Inshallah إن شاء الله. Stochastical noise. The Tao. You name it. So be it dear god. Om Namah Shivia ॐ नमः शिवाय.


Much has happened, since the spring. Paul Beckwith and I continued to work together. We get along well. As many–but assuredly not all–of you know, I do his website. Now at  442,000 views along with 3,200,000 views and 15,200 subscribers.  We distributed a ton of work as a true team effort.

In the spring, famed Stuart H. Scott reached out to me, saying, ‘I sure could use someone like you’, and after making his Facebook following current and really generating a big push behind his twitter account–1,100 solid followers, up from 338.  Sometimes and as happened repeatedly, we are followed by, how shall we say, ‘specialized profiles’ who ONLY follow Obama, Gore, Trump, Chomsky, and Putin.  Stuart might be the 40th.  I rest my case.  Like Paul, he is also super, off the chart bright.

He played a major role not only in getting the Nobel Peace Prize committed to having a ‘NPP in Sustainability’, but got famed 16 yr old student activist striker Greta Thunberg to the roster, along with Pope Francis AFTER helping launch her into orbit as COP 24 recently in Poland.  He and I are enough alike to both be warned, and manage to go on working together.  Stuart is intense.  He is honest.  And he is driven.

In late summer, the State Department approached me about intelligence roles and I said, right off.  I am NOT applying for anything.  If you want me, YOU will need to contact me. They did.  Right away.  Fast forward, to late winter, early spring 2019, and people are promised to travel to come see me, and make a report.  I am told my skill sets are most unusual.  I admit that I believe them here.

Spreadsheet mavens are not impossible finds nor data cognoscenti, nor CRM configuration specialist (Customer Resource Management, software), nor super salesmen who can just about call anyone on the phone, and if there is a way, get through by combined charm, pushiness if not zany disarming humor, but add meditator intuitive who are chess playing strategists who believe in collapse and have visions of what are to come.  I can feel.  I can see.  I am your guy.

My running started at age 11.8 and 48.7 years later still goes on.  And even if as is true, that I cannot quite remember the last time I had a flu or cold, since maybe 2012 think it was, but something was not right, so blood pressure medicine got put on the table perforce.  Never imaged I would agree but had to.  Still do two hour timed runs each week, with bits of infill.

I still work with Ken Kubitz weekly, sometimes twice per week and now soon to be four years latter, have sorted most of his papers.  I even cook for him, do his investment account.

I will help A&S with their stock strategy.  Great persons.  A real delight.

I fired miss P.  Just too painful to work in her home on admin weekly.  A great person with 20% I cannot forbear.  I wish her well.  Same with ‘F’ Industrial.  Same.  Gave up my role.  sometime in romance, a man and women can love each other but not stay together. Same in business.  Romance and finance.   Hard work is just to hard to hurt and suffer all the time and two leaders must pull together to step down and let those more suited step in.

Governor Jay Inslee is just down the road and have begun to work towards reaching him or his key lieutenants, since he really needs my help, more than he can know, on his Climate communications and email strategy in his Presidential Bid.  It remains to be seen if we will or even would like each other or not, or trust or not trust.  But my intuitive flash was, A. he needs me, B. his candidacy based on climate made a LOT of sense at a passing glance, but have not detailed it, and C. fit with my already in place resolve to meet Bill Gates and or Jeff Bezos about Cask and Contain nuclear power.  I am D. NOT saying they are perfect, but am practical.  They have resources that can make a big difference out of pocket change, and E. am told both are behind it. So be it.

I turned sixty in the fall.  I have not a perfect life or embody all good sense, but am by now a true expert in what not to do in dozens of experiences, initiatives, and project rubrics.


Gentle reminder:  My interview, on ‘Extinction Radio Episode 38 8th Jan 2016 Vinit Allen/David Korn‘ is here–money-shot for the impatient, key part at 42:00 min mark. 47:30 for apotheosis.  My some representative YouTube videos are here and here (were republished, so view count now way off).  My twitter is Heuristical.  Not active, but plan to give to myself what I have given to others in size.
——— ———-

Recent interview with Wolfgang’s, Faster Than Expected.  Quick addendae, off to meeting.  More later.  Fast:


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New Advisory, On Finance

You know the type, went to Princeton or CalTech, got a PhD in atomic physics, but prefers to work part time in a bicycle shop instead, with a simple and inexpensive lifestyle yet would never tell you they had an advanced degree.  Minimal, calm, more or less content, relative to the scale of all the things that can become a man or woman–rancorous if not expensive divorced with kids, stuck holding the bag on back taxes, due to the malfeasance of a former if not long departed business partner, ill health, or depression.  Relationships, finance, health, and soul.

I used to manage 40M at Morgan, inches shy of becoming a Senior VP and, at this point, probably bought and sold 200 or even 300M in stock or equivalents since my ignomious end in 2000.  Lessons learned.  Compliance.  Integrity of agreements.  Impeccable disclosure, etc.

So years latter, when folks approach me, about helping them with their money, you could imagine how many hundreds of things go through my mind, when occurs.

Recently, in addition to the 200k I have been managing in the last year or two, for A & S on a fee basis, a gent I have worked for in the last three years approached me recently, about helping him with his portfolio.  East street.  Yet what is not so easy:

I am not a stranger to this situation.  In fact, not only do I know ALL his situations, but have worked in his home, for YEARS, on all his administration.  In addition to organizing his stuff, I have seen ALL his accounts, if not authorized administrator on several accounts.  And when not signed, surely get to see it all…… Yet over years, not once, not once did I ever offer and opinion about his stocks.  I asked once, a year or two OK, ‘How do you decide what to sell?’  That is all.

Its like being a serious free climber, and asking a new climber, ‘I see you can get up there.  But how do you plan to get down?’  Very gentle and understated.  Not ‘Dude!  You wanna die??  WFT are you doing??  Nuts!’

Recently I was asked–by him–to look after his 250k.  But not only do I not have TPA, ‘third party trading authorization’, but his brother is an attorney.  A big one.  Like 10M+ type wealth.  He was lead on the Enron litigation.  Writes letters to SEC, on observed issues.  Lord.  Yet K and I get along well, and have well earned trust.

It all changed Monday.  He said, ‘Sounds good to me’, as to my being a lot more involved.  Finally.  Three year rapprochement.  Now, the small matter of directing activity, as executed by the Client directly, without HIS Schwab broker having a heart attack, by feeling threatened.  Lets see what happens.


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Market Analysis and Lead Development

A successful and very well established and radio podcast on Ecology and Climate approached me in December, wanting to know exactly what I did and how much my standard rates were.

This was due to my having supported a well known climate systems scientist, by having continuously developed and furnished his website since September of 2015, and in due course, having interacted with this podcasts founder and producer on matters of content and distribution.  This show has been furnished for nine years and is broadcast in 93 locations.

Not only did we–the founder and I–always get along well, but this scientist had said he valued the opinion of two specific persons, for key matters at HIS site–this podcaster and me.  Moreover this podcaster was the favorite interviewer of scientist I have been supporting.   So it was all an easy and comfy approach, within a circle of confidence.

What is interesting to me and very unique, is that I never approached the radio show about consulting, but they approached me, given my reputation for consistency, accuracy, and performance.  AKA results.

They needed two things:  one, practical insights as to how to improve their webpage, and two, my expertise in developing then deploying a direct sales process.

Since they already had a complete web rebuild, this was a matter of helping them be more effective–a good site which could still be better.

On the other hand, they had no direct sales process, and we both agreed that it was money well spent, to find out the feasibility of cold calling.  ‘Unsolicited email’ is proven, as NOT effective.  Folks dont read email like ‘this’, or if they do, can hardly attend to.   We can bearly read what we get from our dearest friends.  But strangers?

So what I did, was a value chain analysis of the demographics of fifty US states, according to a mix over overlayed factors, ranging from red-blue, attitudes to gun control, gay marriage, and conventional religion.  I then narrowed down a list of ten or twelve states likely as favorable to caring about Rapid Climate Change, to a sample of six representative states to start out with–two in the northwest, one in north central, one in the northeast, mid atlantic, and south.

This gets into my bread and butter, which is not just to evaluate and operate and market/sell, but to establish feasibility.  As we say in Wall Street, ‘you cannot kiss all the girls’.  So we will find out, the yield, productivity, cost, and odds of success for a campaign of cold calling to college, commercial, and public radio and thus evaluate cost versus benefit.  This has real value, after operating for nine years.  No one knows and we will find out, without undue cost.

I have to not only analyze the market, but to get the leads, build the CRM, and make the calls.  There are things which you cannot hire a specialist for, but only a strong generalist who can see all the elements and operate them.

Lastly, sometimes you do a small project and it might not pay a large fee, but is very valuable for what you can give, what you learn, and what it can lead to.  Aka a great opportunity!

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When It is Time To Go

20180129_225337I once casually dated a wonderful woman once named J, who told me how she gave up her number one client, who generated over 60% of ALL her fees for public accounting, because she did NOT agree with how they wanted their accounting done.  Talk about brass.  Yet she could no longer accept things as they were, and said, let the chips fall where they may.  We were not a match, and friendship was the clear outcome.

Here is the real essence of the story.  She told me how, within ONE week of this decision, THE Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contacted her, and wanted her to do their public accounting.  Can you imagine?  They grabbed her and hired her immediately.

So three weeks ago, I resigned from the American based, Chinese start up, which I had been intimately involved with, since early December of 2016.  Yet there are no recriminations.  It was an invaluable experience.  Lots of good memories and things I so much appreciated.  I am not being political–doubt there are those who would bother to read or check.  Just a fact.  Yet there comes a point, among husband and wife, old friends, or associates, where you just know its not an ideal fit, and shed tension for the good of all.

Its so important, that if you work closely with persons, that not only do you appreciate them and they you, but that you share a vision of how work gets done and how business is done.  A core as it were.  And I must save my precious resources, to give my time and attention to those who I fit, who fit me, and who I can help.

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When You Know What To Do, But Remain Silent

I have worked for K for the last three years, sorting his paperwork, memorabilia, and possessions.  Every other week, twice in one week or four visits per month.  Besides his having given 40,000 golf lessons and ‘still swinging’ at age 85, we have had, by now, a long and complex and emotionally intimate relationship and am trusted by his key constituencies–senior lead attorney brother, estate planner, admin on some medical, access to banking records, the whole nine yards.  Sometimes, I even find $750 cash hidden in junk mail, so tell him, ‘don’t throw anything out, unless it’s through me!’  I know all his stuff.  98% of it anyway…

Months ago, when after he was ‘this close’ to ready to allow me, to set up online access, to his banking, which I surely get to see the results of, he decided to squelch it and said he ‘did not want to do it’.

And I used to manage $40,000,000 in capital at Morgan Stanley, yet it was not my place to offer an unsolicited opinion as to his risk or lack of risk, results or lack of results, balance or imbalance on his brokerage account, looked at thing as they came through, and never once offered a thought.  So if banking real time view privileges was out, surely not all the investments?

Yet in the course of conversation, two or three weeks ago, when the market tanked, he took a real interest in my views.  So we agreed for HIM to get online access, to his major broker, de facto, so I could see his account and be better able to look along, as distinct from month end prints……….. This is progress.

How hard it was, to establish pins, authentications, so as we got through it, first it was his broker concerned about red flags since K does NOT use the internet or email, then emails to and from his brother, notes, everyone upset or disturbed or affected.  Told them all  I cannot take this risk.  Not a relationship risk.  Not a financial risk.

I was asked to look at this.  That is all!  If I am right, I am a hero.  But if I am wrong, loose trust with everyone.  Know your place and tread lightly.  In the end, up or down seven or eight thousand dollars in a week is no joke.

Get over being so sensitive, and get over territory and help the dear man.  Yet I know why the broker was concerned.  I understand.  Yet mark my words.  Global stocks, aka the ‘synchronized global recovery’ is long in the tooth, and unmanaged portfolios will suffer when untended.

When you know exactly what to do, but cannot, and are in a group of persons, and where each one has a good opinion, and many shades of gray in confidence, trust, disclosures!  Help others.  That is my path.

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Contact Management for an Entire Industry

Industrial cold calling is hard work.  Really hard work.  In another way, its also very easy work.  After a year or more, not only did I establish target markets for the entire United States, but I had to be the one to go in, and take the early bows and arrows.

Its all well and good to say, ‘yes, we know the energy industry uses Industrial Fabrics’ but you cannot call up Exxon, Chevron, Or BP and just talk to them.  So you try to find end users and distributors.  The big ones do not need a fifth or sixth supplier nor another relationship.  And the small ones either do not buy or, when they do, only sporadically.

I looked up ALL 1200 locations shown by a major competitor, as distributors, then did it a second time for a second major competitor, and either called them, or led a team to do so.  Thus we found 95% of the main distributors.

So I had to map an entire value chain, ‘process map’ the entire United States.  First refineries, then welding suppliers, then manufacturer representative.  Then the ah hah moment, getting to end users, some good, some bad.  Shipyards are a lot easier to talk to than chemical companies.  Glass making and aluminum, very hard to engage.  Foundries and fabricators sound so good, but hard to also talk to.  Key personnel do not want to sit by the phone, or when they do, know better than to talk to you.

You pretty much need to build a CRM–I prefer Google Sheets–in what would otherwise be Excel, but then when you hire other persons, needs to be sharible.

Early on, having left the distributor-importer start up, then came back, I had to unravel all the chaos.  No blame.  Senior sales guy we hired, was by himself.

Most important of all, assign a date or value to all leads as open, closed, or pending, what I call ‘yes, no, or maybe’?  And when in the grey zone, how hard do you try and how to account for that in a group process.

Then curating those evaluations–when you last spoke, when to talk next, when blocked and have the case notes so a group of FOUR persons can share the data and act.  That is what I proudly set up.

You cannot always get your say, but in the end, the group said the sheet got too big, and asked to split it between supplier, industrial-insulation, MRO-shipbuilding, and enterprise-reps.  Yet I took gigantically undefined areas and make a structure first for my boss, and me, then a senior sales person, then a junior associate.

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Distorted Rates, Prolongs the Lives of Marginal Businesses


Above graphic, added from 3/02/2018

James Grant. Smart guy: ‘Markets Trust Too Much in the Presence of Central Banks‘, ref also by Zero Hedge:

Well said:  ‘Interest rates are prices. In fact, they are the most consequential prices in a market economy because they discount future cash flows and they help us to set investment hurdles and to measure financial risks. In short, interest rates are prices and prices convey information and distorted prices convey misinformation. So if you want to build a factory or estimate the financial risk in a given security today’s interest rates are just the information you don’t need to make an informed decision.

What’s the fallout of distorted interest rates?  The great Frédéric Bastiat, a French economist, statesman, and author during the 19th century, published a famous essay called »That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen».

In essence, he writes that when you do something there are to be two outcomes: First, the one which you intend and second, the one you didn’t actually intend but then nonetheless occurs.

So when we judge the effect of these unconventional monetary policies it’s important to take into account not just what the policy makers intended but also what they brought about, although not intending it.

It seems to me that the unintended consequences are very much adverse of these policies. Namely, the world-wide distortion of interest rates because markets are connected by arbitrage.’

‘Why is that so concerning?  One of the unintended consequences – and this is truly unseen or at least is rather subtle – is that these policies tend to prolong the lives of marginal businesses. That’s because they can be sustained through the issuance of very cheap debt. Certainly, in the case of Japan it’s clear that one of the consequences of this great post boom hangover that’s now a generation long is to perpetuate the lives of zombie companies.

Capital is like a forest: It needs death as well as life. It reduces the dynamism to an economy if unsuccessful businesses don’t make way for new ones: new ideas, new people and new capital. So these very low interest rates act as a kind of a drug. They perpetuate the status quo, as unprofitable that status quo might be.’

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Winter Turns To Spring, Then Summer

The work with the Chinese start up continues to go very well.  We import and distribute industrial Fabrics.  My boss is smart, hard working, fun, supportive, driven, and ethical.  Sometimes you get hired–and not ungratefully so, but truly with good cheer–to be a Sales and Administrative Assistant, and wind up instead functioning much more like a National Sales manager, not in title but in the true and genuine activity.  Soon to be age 59, I am getting a bit past the phase of needing a good resume or title, and far more focused on results.

I have filled the pipeline with thousands of calls, at first, with great labor, but now after months and months, know what I am doing.  We are ready to hire a Junior Sales Associate, whom I will guide, and know what to do.  I am a true phone expert, and can talk to anyone.

At first, we called a LOT of welding safety suppliers, and have begun to emphasize ship repair and drydock work, in the large commercial area, and is very fruitful.  Thereafter we will more into MRO, maintenance, operations, and repair work, seeking large construction and industrial contractors and service providers.

I continue to be amazed how demonstrably civil persons are, in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas.  I am too old to start over in a new place, but if I did, I bet on the character of these people.  The average level of civility is MUCH higher.

That said, I am also amazed how much I enjoy, appreciate, and understand east coast persons.  Some alpha males try to scare you with blunt, ‘what do you want?’, ‘Why should I talk to you?’, and ‘What do you need?’ but after the initial bark, if you make it through, and I usually do by winning credibility, by being honest, direct, and efficient, these folks are not so scary if not amiable at times and not at all harsh or curt.  Then again, I am from back East… its like family to me and find it all amusing if not entertaining.

Lastly, while early on I begged my President into letting me elaborate, spend time on, making a solid CRM, she said no, when otherwise allowing me tons of room and autonomy.  She said, we must go fast, then we can do this latter.  So paper based system it was.  Oh the pain.  Not hers.  Not mine.  Both of ours.  There WAS a benefit to this speed, but now a cost if not, now and again, at times, duress as to who, what, where, when, why?  And now, six months latter, she wants it.  Yea.  Our work for the next week, to populate a giant sheet, with a physical existence system, offloading all our curated notes.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  I am happy again and uplifted.  I am reassured we can get a clean, tidy, solid structure and be more effective.  It is time!

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Business Start Up, For Humanitarian Organization


Kaizen, 改善:  ‘A Japanese business
philosophy of continuous
improvement of
working practices, personal efficiency, etc.’

A person I had coached pro-bono in the last year and one half–up to and including their establishing a SoundCloud account, then to effectively launch, establish, then elaborate a very well crafted blog on rapid climate change, emergency management for disaster,  and related Federal and State governance into social media–approached me in March about helping his group in the formulation, planning, start, and operation of a four person start up, which I have been doing with great success.

I guided this Director in many phone calls, emails, texts, as he approached, created, revised, and readied to implement his business, which is highly tied into the storm season cycle.  This eventuated in his putting into place business strategy about message and brand, processes for continuous business improvement, personal and professional organizational effectiveness, organizational development, building a sales channel, and content creation.

These are great people, who are highly coachable.  Giving time is not a laughing matter, but once you know someone, and get on the best of terms together AND they get it,  and if not near always soaking up and acting upon your coaching and advisory, then nearly always if you will, it really is a lift.  Both to not only the recipient AND the coach/advisor.

Helping others to get better, based on a many, many mistakes and some gigantic judgements–so that others can benefit from a now lifetime of scrapes and bumps–is uplifting.  I am the WIDE angle lens for business.  I have seen it all and still do.  Every day.

This person is on this third and final draft of his business plan after months of work, where I told them, that slower is faster.  Like a master builder.  Plan it.  Do it.  Deliver it.  Refine it.  Repeat.  Its hard enough to be able to do anything, without knowing exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how you will do it.  The drive to attempt, frame, and formulate matters more than the correctness of final fact.

And own your message.  Regard others.  Be highly responsive.  Don’t go too slow or too fast, nor too large or too small, but rather get to business flow and regularity, where instead of laboring ONE part of component, you develop ALL the parts so you can see what to do next, by not overly polishing small pieces, so you can see how all the parts interact.  Build it and they will come.

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Good Decisions I Have Made

Decided to apply to The Cooper Union Architecture School, despite being told that there was NO way I could get it, as it was harder to gain admission to than Harvard or MIT. I got in against all odds. The word was, that it was ‘impossible’. It was providential.

Decision to get an apartment in New York, instead of commute from Metro New Jersey, where I was from. Decision to LEAVE New York. Felt like I getting out with my life. Image of the man chased by deeply motivated and athletic natives, an d when he gets to the compound, goes through a large wooden gate, and AS he is passing though, dozens of spears are launched right at him, and hit the closing door, ‘thud’, ‘thud,’ ‘thud’, just missing him and certain violent death, as the doors are closing. Saved by inches or milliseconds.

Decision to learn Japanese, apply for a Fulbright, then travel surprisingly instead to South Korea with not ‘just a Zen Master’, if such can be said, but a VERY great zen master, historic in the last two hundred years.

Decision to leave the south.

Decision to go to Seattle.

Decision to leave architecture. Age ten to thirty-two. Twenty-two year love affair, inexplicably and unpredictably ended.

Decision to go to Wall Street.

Decision to climb mountains.

Great decision! Decided to leave blogger and go to WordPress. A good decision beyond imagination. So consequential.

Decision to leave Seattle, go BACK to New Jersey and take care of my old mother in what would become a horrid hospice situation (horrid not with her, but my siblings), then to come back out west, clearly avoiding horrid Seattle (SO overrated) for Portland (nearly as over-rated as Seattle–massive traffic, no different than Detroit, if you ask me), then settle beyond wildest dreams in of all places, Tacoma. OMG. Like the blind date, with the comely girl expecting not much, I found love if not much beauty (read comfort, life, access).

Decision to resume formal meditation. Decision to sustain it. Decisions to amp it up. Decisions to ask for what I wanted and ‘dial it in’.

Decision to resume playing chess. Decisions to stop.

Decision to reduce if not eliminate gluten and dairy.

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Record Key Events and Outcomes


A few weeks back, I drafted a nice outline of the major numbers of my life–from my age, numbers of professions, states lived, countries done business, capital bought and sold.  Enjoy!  I left it in draft, but publish it now, here.  Summary continues at link.
———- ———-

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Engagement with International Podcast and Successful Blog

Would Skype time to time with a gent in Europe, who I also, as often happens, gave a LOT of time to them, guiding them to establish a SoundCloud account, and blog, on rapid climate change, with a great itinerary of fabulous guests.

One day, he seemed uncomfortable, and was confident I had done nothing to cause this, so I went right to it, asking: “What is wrong? Is there something you need to say? You seem shielded or uncomfortable!  Is there something you are NOT saying?’

He confided that he would be more comfortable if he paid me for my time, so we embarked on a month or two of serious work, firming up our relationship and allowing better collaboration in more parity.

We reviewed his site and his practices, and endeavoured message him more consistently. The result was that he became more energized, not blocked, and enabled to make changes and improvements with gusto and passion again.  I encouraged him,to be his real self, and NOT to play a a role or hide.  I told him to tell his real life story, and not play it too safe.  This resulted in swift and real improvement.

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Client Dinner, Help Grok Trump-Hillary, Stranger than Fiction


Client invited me to dinner last week.  ‘David.  I cannot pay you per hour to go out and discuss politics, but if you are OK with that, would so much appreciate it, if you would be willing to educate me, on Trump versus Hillary.  I am so perplexed.  And know you are most adroit at all this and can help educate me’.

Not to mention, that I am the rarest liberal who is willing to admit that there are definitely thing I very much appreciate about Trump, and similarly Clinton, and will out and out not vote for neither, so WAY more than impartial.

They took pages of notes, over a three+ hour dinner facing the ocean, and it worked out real well.  Discussed the Vince Foster suicide, Hillary’s reputed trading $1,000 to $100,000, impeachment, Travelgate, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp, Julian Assange and Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, scrubbing servers and FBI request for evidence, Trump negotiations to buy the Plaza Hotel, the role of inequality, his bankruptcies, meanness and reputed prejudice and misogyny, his great kids, faux paus after Brexit in Scotland saying how great his golf course was, Gennifer Flowers, and much more.  Who needs reality shows.  We have the election.

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CRM After the Flood!


Sometimes we have a client which is not our largest, but for which we do our very best and with passion. I Have been working with the general manager of TGC since February, in a much coveted referral. From another treasured client.

Might as well be family given the deep tradition, doing back to K having worked for what is reputed to have been THE greatest coach in the last thirty years, might as well be Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky. Told the President M, ‘Let me show you what I can do. I am NOT learning how to do this. I know exactly what to do’. And so it was.

We are now in our ninth engagement since then, and keep winning the next commitment or retainer. Yet with a $1M business and plans to tear down a facility and build a new one for six, promising to have 600 visitors per day–ambitious to say the least, NOT having any electronic audience was a clear invitation for me to step in and build it.

Dare I say, I am MORE proud of the 1,000 visitors we got in the first three months, than the 170,000 views P got in the last year, two major efforts I have been central to.

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Viral Video

Major long term client, finally had a viral video, which went to 400k views on YouTube. Long story. Last week, guided them through a careful edit and vetting process of response to the Washington Post, which was very unfair in how they handled this issue. Yet the exaggeration and hyperbole, in fact, actually helped the video go world wide. Interesting times. Most of the six or seven who vetted their note, were Phd’s or scientific world leaders. His other key context, ‘A’ and I, were the two he trusts the most, and helped keep him out of harms way. Rebuttal has taken near two weeks, and set to print in next few days.

Site traffic went from 80k in nine months, to 143k in ten months, videos went from 163k in September, to now 827,000 views similarly. Major advisory in each and every step. We are a great team. Talk on Skype or Facetime, several times per week and promises to continue. Held low rate, gave them in September, out of service.

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Pre-Brexit Stress, Advisory

Was engaged by client, to do an analysis of a $1.4 portfolio with $400k in stock, custodied at a ‘big-wirehouse’. Helped determine stop loses for major of positions. Very complex. Before Brexit we were happy campers, and after recent stock ‘melt-up’ in late June, most of July, glad we did not sell it all. But you cannot finish a job unless engaged, and was not able to get last of it all sold off, which I would certainly have done by now. Life is not perfect. Sell too early, too late, whatever. My experience is having bought and sold $300M in stock, so not quite a beginner. Cannot begin to tell you here, just give sense of activity.

The Yen ‘carry trade’ is driving it all now, and enough is enough. Trees to do not grow to the moon. Vix is at 12.02 and will not stay there. Steppest term structure in years, presages horror shown of stock collapse awaiting all. Not my time or place to explicate. Be warned. That is all.

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Portfolio Management


Was hired by A in mid July, to teach them sophisticated investment practices. Cognoscenti out there know sophisticated is not a subjective term, but a formal NASD or NYSE term legal in nature.

With a great emphasis on major ETF’s, exchange traded funds, attempted to teach this very smart, very nice person as much as I knew, from how to model risk of major markets, to the relationship of bonds to stocks, the dollar to commodities, that is to say ‘intermarket analysis, and as much progress as we made, they decided in the end they they ‘would never’, accessed that they would never be able to do this at THAT level, not without a lot of labor anyway. Would be like me trying to learn Arabic or Sanskrit, when I never quite finished reading and writing Japanese, as many words as I know!

So they asked to hire me, to help direct a small to medium sized portfolio. As said to my Doctor of many years, as I was bending over durring a full physical, ‘Doctor Schore! Sorry you have to look at this!’ I am in very good condition and clean, but it is what it is. His classic response: ‘This is NOTHING. You should see what I have to look at, at The VA!’ Where he was two or three times per week for many years.

Similarly here. This is nothing. And mean it in a good way. An average person might break to have to figure out or decide what to buy or sell, but I bought and sold 200M or more in my former career. And the average account was about 350k. My minimum latter became half a million.

So when A said, ‘I would be glad to pay you 1.25 or 1.5%, was it, instead of 1%, I said no, lets learn to work together, and would rather UNDER CHARGE YOU THANK OVER CHARGE YOU. But as mythographyer Joseph Campbell said of great Indologist Heinrich Zimmer, when he inexplicably gave copious and great lectures at Columbia University, to a large and empty lecture hall, which should have been filed’but instead had JUST four persons, so here.

I manage this, as though it was five million and is for me a mission in redemption. Want to hire a top performer? Someone with something to prove for the love of it. True.

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Advisory on Social Media

Advised attorney, with 39 years of experience in his legal segment, as to his social media, which was already in place. Advised to create a webpage, NOT to hack the old one down, but to provide a place to launch their ample expression to, to a less formal place, and thus get their name out at Facebook and Google+, raise status in search outside oversize enterprise site, not fitting individuality, and personal uniqueness of said Professional. Arranged test interview, and prepared rough bounce, still awaiting client go ahead for production. Not a criticism. I can lead. I can follow. Two chefs cannot cook a major meal. I get along with most of my clients, but not all of us are meant to work together. I offered to return ALL the last retainer, said, “I want you to be happy”, re-established basis trust. Still hold funds, asked to hold off.

Said, ‘for me, its not a money issue, I win if I give you the money back, then I am not responsible’. ‘And if I get to help you more, I win. I know I can help but must be allowed’. Life is not joke. It is like we are ALL under attack. Not them. Not me. All of us. Following Nice, Turkey coupe, Munich, police shootings in Minnesota and Dallas, was it. I care so much.

‘Help others. Then the world will beat a path to your door’. It is true.

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Helped Major Activist

Created website, for major worldwide activist, both setting up his infrastructure and url, but menubar structure, and taught them all the bells and whistles to get them rolling.

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Engagement with Attorney

Helping an attorney with 38 years of experience in Personal Injury and Consumer law, further his web presence, and guide him as to going past a commercial provider of turnkey solutions, for corporate web sites.  While he is one of the best of the best, being outside a main city and a sole proprietor, the phone has stopped ringing.  Of course, he has had MANY overtures to purchase solutions to move him up into search, but its completely wrong.  And he knows it.

We are singularly readying him to produce and distribute fresh content, suitable to be populated to a blog, to deploy to Google+, now and again to Facebook very selectively, establish SoundCloud Podcasts interviewing and featuring him, and duly of course YouTube et al.

He is personable, warm, and very highly credentialed, and to an unusual degree in the medical area, since he grew up next to his several generation doctors family including many patient visits with his father, and learned how it all works, winning many a award and settlement, to get care and treatment for his clients.

But its 2016, and so much depends upon how we occur electronically.  There are no tricks.  Built it and they will come.

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Return to The Open Heart, Release Grievances and Upset

Return to The Open Heart, Release Grievances and Upset // Published on Mar 19, 2016

Conflict is not imaginal but real. At the same time, we all can chose love. Not just as a word, but as an action. I love and or respect all my friends understanding or aware of the Near Term Human Extinction phenomenon or risk. We need to all hold each other, both those who say we are in dire, serious trouble, those who believe in remedy or solutions, and those agnostic on the matter. We are the LAST who should be in serous disagreement resulting in banishment, upset, unfriending.

Struggle is real. But its a matter of degree, not of kind. We all can listen to each other, and when not a friend or true friend, at least not act out our frustrations or our own inner or outer conflicts upon others.

We need each other. We can forgive. Now is the time to mend. And if we cannot love, at least not hate. Its a choice. A decision day by day!

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Client Milestone in Social Media

A leading climate system scientist, whom I have been guiding for close to be now two years, and created, maintain, and refine his website, hit 1M Youtube views in February. 1,000,000 views, now 1.4M (July 2017). They were successful before me met, but now at a much larger scale, and more clearly and cogently. Two years ago, they were at 180,000 views, but not have over 7,200 subscribers, had a viral video with 440,000 views, and a big write up and mention in the Washington Post last summer, and guided them in the approach to delivering and negotiating a rebuttal. They just did their 300th video.

We are now ranked 38th or so in the world, behind Greenpeace, Al Gore, and Leonardo DiCaprio, etc (not saying these folks are any good, just a fact is a fact…). This person has been on Canadian TV repeatedly, and recently was approached by CNN London (July also), but a tight timeline prevented it, but where there is smoke, there is fire.

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Milestone, Four Seasons

I have been helping R & D with a major asset of theirs now for three years, and this week marks our fourth season of working together.  These are very refined persons, who are very, very particular, and they say, ‘David, in eight years, no one ever did it better than you’.

Like partners who can work together who know each others every move without looking or talking, I know what they like now and they know what to expert.  You can call them and verify this.

The prior is one of the top homeopaths in the world of consummate credentials and standards.  How many MD’s do you know who do this?  His wife is no less.  She does high level psychological nutrition. They know their stuff.  Just to be near them, for me, is to receive grace, never mind get money or perform services.  I have known the prior now since 1990.  He knows me WAY too well.  No place to hide!

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Client Milestones

Paul is up to 47,000 site views since late November and his YouTube Channel has about 50,000 view in the last seven weeks.  As it is said, a team effort.  I could not do it without him and without me might not nearly be this strong.  We work together.  The trajectory is clearly for his site to hit 100,000 view by August, and he stands a real chance of going from 250k to half a million video views by year end.  This relentless work, and I surely under charge him all the time!  His donate button works!

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Engagement, Branding and Localization

P approached me about helping he, and his partner in webinars, D, but the latter and I, despite the great need and my willingness to give the most favorable terms, did not have a fit, and parted ways fast. The prior much needed a website and the two of them are to be on a Oregon Public Television broadcast, is it, and of course refer to P’s site, which does not exist, despite his many years in marketing, sales, events. We have until early April, as the credits refer to a website not finished and now being made!

The prior is a very large souled and creative gent, so I am taking my patent ability to structure and frame. I say, ‘if you think my creating a website is the main work, I am NOT the one for you!’ I advise, strategize, structure. The delivery and furnishment of the website is a FEATURE of my work, not the source. A product as it were.

A lot like Professor Paul Beckwith of the University of Ottawa, but without the academic credential, papers, thousands of FB, twitter, YouTube followers as a predisposed audience, P has stuff far and wide and it needs to be assembled, structured, framed. He has videos, podcasts, posts, accomplishments, movie credits, involvements in ample productions and knows he can do more.

As serious activists, we all know each other, so this is a very important engagement. Not a big dollar amount as they say, but of real value to our work and what he is a capable of accomplishing and generating.

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Arts Project

Tom and I are now approaching two years straight on processing his 42,000 photo collection of fine images he has taken. Under my guidance, we have narrowed it down to 400 and by early April will be sharing 200 of them to his friends, colleagues, and constituencies. We miss our sessions on Thursday nights time to time but for the most part have held steady for two years. I am most confident that of those 400 or 200 we can establish the 120 best, and from those, 40 images worthy of fine printing, publication, exhibition. A major curating effort.

Tom Fallat is an accomplished educator, composer, recording artist, studio production person, explorer, musician, technologist, healer, visionary, sage, councilor, percussionist, pianist, and Mac Genius.  FixIt Inc in Seattle is a great service I have used many times and always use him for my recording needs.

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Interview on Extinction Radio

I am interviewed by Gene Gibson, producer at Extinction Radio Net. Impatient listeners, can go straight to the 43:32 long segment, starting at 22:25, and goes to 65:57, by clicking here.

———- ———-

Video of me here is another angle:

Giving Credit and Sharing Outrage // Published on Dec 18, 2015

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Special Advisory

I heard about a unique difficultly which a world leader was having, and offered to step in, gifting my time, given his or her special statue and solid reputation as honorable, correct, and decent, among my constituencies. It was easy to offer. They wrote back as a group, and D asked that I write them. I wrote back five minutes latter, at 10:40 pm PST, and they of course said ‘I know it is late’. I said, ‘It’s OK, call now”.

We hashed it out, talking for twenty five minutes, broadscope as I uniquely can, not just about compliance, boundaries, threat, security, knowledge management process, records, interventions, and advisory, but I explicated the large landscape of large corporate media, and when and if XYZ problem ever happened again, could do ABC, and please consider PDQ. D who has written 20+ books and still solidly middle aged and not older, so had clearly worked very, very hard and with great intelligence, was so appreciative, insisted that despite my gift, to send me one of their books, touching on a certain aspect of subtle energy. I said, yes, ‘on one condition, that you sign it, so your DNA can be near me. Knowing it carries’. Even the smallest particles contain vast intelligence, and the treat is all mine. A super special person on the cutting edge of society, ecology, mind, and nature, and cosmos.

There was a weird echo on the call, and you can guess who was listening in, my remarking, ‘hope they are entertained’. They heard it to. Beyond question. When you know two or three big people who all fit a profile, then the top dog of them all calls you, someone somewhere is listening and it is amusing. This was last night. Hope they liked it.

The value was NOT their access, which cannot be hindered much, but their access to forty key persons among them, and thus THEIR ACCESS TO THEIR ACCESS, or more like half a million persons, some of which can really help you, if they really want to. It goes fast round the world. We can agree.

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Major Result

For P, we got to 10,000 views in a few weeks, and when this this person went to Paris, for the ‘COP 21 Climate Talks’ as a leading scientist, educator, influencer, the view count took off [Revision, Wed_06-Jan-2016, 23,000 views in about three months]. This is not just about videos or Facebook or twitter, all of which help, but deep strategic thinking then execution. Its about what to say, when, how large, how often, in what order.

They were with Mayor Bloomberg, James E. Hansen, Bill McKibben, Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. Once you HAVE an audience, you don’t want to abuse your 5,000 FB followers or 7,000 twitter followers with excess, but rather, approach them and say, ‘We know you are here. Your time is not unlimited. Look at this, A, B, C. Excellent’. So then its not to GROW viewers, like the swimmer long at sea who swims so hard to survive, they try to go up on the sand for fear of drowning and try to swim more, but instead stop and think. I am the last to try to work as an informational minimalist. But sometimes, less is more. And when you audience is already established, communicate less but when you do, communicate better, more solidly and this will reward you.

We set up a PayPal for their ample score of true and great giving and service, and the donations came in, to the degree that it now has covered about 2/3rds of my work. Not bad. And I give a real discount as this person is not a millionaire, but a public servant. A good one.

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Continuation on Major Media Project

Currently, am working on getting a panel on the Charlie Rose Show if possible, and already materially reached out to key persons associated with Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now Show (hour, daily) and The Bill Mayer show. Our key guest, had National Geographic come and stay with him for several days, for Bill Nye the Science Guy, and a major article by a ‘young, hot writer for the Rolling Stone Magazine’. This is not the 2% of it, but the tip of the iceberg.

I am trying not to tell one big story, but rather, capture BOTH sides of a dire problem as some put it, and others solutions of measures for what is suggested as resolvable. I asked the key guest NOT to write any more to Vice Networks, or your the Young Turks, etc, saying email does not work, messages and voicemail does not work. We must call. And I will call for you. ‘David, I trust you completely’, G said. So be it. I am grabbing the ball and running. At year end, what matters to me, ‘is not the show, but to keep my word with you and S.’ Exactly. To do as I say, and say what I mean. Not an easy matter.

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Consult on Structure and Organizational Development

Reached out to the main producer of a cutting edge podcast, which is broadcast to thousands, and said, when I went to their site, on behalf a client, often aimed to get in and out quick, and populate their site with the embed from SoundCloud, but often of late could NOT leave, and had to go on listening, finding them getting better and better AND better each month. Added however, that it was a matter of good that could get a LOT better quite easily, and asked if they were open to my input, and gifted my time to them freely and easily. We made a strong connection, lined up ten separate ways from climbing, to being a foodie, mates who had nervous breakdowns, permaculture, media, sales and marketing, east coast in your face raw here it is, and more. Those are just a few. They said yes.

A month latter and we engaged deeply on structure, indexing, standards, and I build them a simple spreadsheet CRM, made a database for their extent, at the time, 36 shows, and make them a place where they could map out the next 14 if not 64 weekly shows all the way to 100. They loved it. I was conferenced in with the core team and brought in as contributor, making major advisory. And as is my custom, not being timid and calling it like it is, but constructively.

[Wed_05-Jan-2016 // Today after weeks of determination, they had arranged to interview me, and I will, alas, be on their show this Friday, for what is it, the 42nd episode, or 2nd of year. I gave them a near 200 line spreadsheet, with 120 talking points on 15 widely different subjects, asking them: “How many times in the history of your show, has any provided this for an interview”. Was told you are the first.]

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Major Booking for Leader

I called Doug Bennett, of the show ‘Unspun: An Experiment in Truth-Telling’, of KPNN in Pacifica. This is the same radio network, which hosts the highly regarded Amy Goodman of ‘Democracy Now’ (hour, daily), ‘The Garry Null Show’ (nutrition), and such leaders as Derrick Jensen on deep ecology and sustainability.

I knew to call. Not to book J or G, two leaders I knew well, but to touch base and see what we had in common.

Doug was not only remarkably intelligent, but approachable, very conscious, and when I found out G had already been on his show–as has no less than former CIA analyst and whistleblower, Ray McGovern, Chris Hedges, Paul Ehrlich ( of famed ‘The Population Bomb’ kind), Paul Craig Roberts, Former Editor of the Wall St. Journal and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Under Reagan. You get the idea.

So told him about J, and without hardly the blink of an eye, he said yes, lets do it, would love to. My kind of person. I knew J would say yes but of course called them, set the dates and put the basic agreements in place. We did not want to rush, and Doup spends sometimes twenty hours to prepare, so well set for Sat_30-Jan-2016.

This fits well, since J is also to be interviewed by Relief Analysis on Saturday the 16th, by Nick Burke, and is a good dry run.

Then J goes to New Zealand, and am helping arrange her talk in Auckland, for Sat_13-Feb as well.

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Major Intervention

After meeting at the office of J, who as The Commissioner for the County, I took her advice, and immediately contacted my high level contact at The Port of Tacoma, formally requesting a meeting with its board or Commissioners. I was darn near astonished how well J got it, given what was I saying was needed in community action for preparedness for the SINGLE MOST important issue of our time. I know construction admin, I know capital markets and finance, I know the outdoors and fitness, and I know climate as a serious activist, and brought them a serous but constructive warning. That I do so firmly yet the door was open and stays open with THE key stakeholder, is indicative of just how constructive I am being. I say, ‘I promise not to waste your time’. But I also have the position, in a calm intended Ghandi like way, not to be stopped by anything.

I have been asked to present to the Commissioners, Tue_26-Jan-2016 at noon, and this is all the way upstream to source. I have met with Kristen (1), Nick (2), Ron and Carola 93, 4), Jim (5), Anders and City Council (6, 7), Ryan (8), Joyce (9), and reached to Geoff (11) and this makes my 11th engagement.


The best 2:12 video in all of climate change.  Bone chilling:

The best 9:45 minute podcast segment in all of climate change.  Ditto.

Full version immediate below. Above however, key segment is marked to 21:42 start to key slot, click here to go directly.  Highlite goes to 31:27

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Archive for Greatest Coach in Hundred Years in Category

K received two letters from J, who were the top senior students of THE single most acclaimed coach in this major sport. Most as in NFL, NBA, Nascar, MLB, NHL etc level. This person won the first award given by the governing body and now, 19 years latter, is sought after around the world. Yet in their late 90’s expressedly said, ‘I cannot do this any more’. Justly so. Still coaching but they know time is calling.

So I was approached about organizing and archiving the many films, trainings, videos, books, accolades by his some sixty students, and was approached for ideas and perspectives. Which I freely gave.

Most important of all, I said that my GREAT fear was that THEY would think that they needed to hire a web designer. No way. I said what they needed was program development. Which I dove into. And now after several hours of discussion with budgets, scope, projections, am short listed for this two year project to build, furnish, and operate this hall of fame. I gave them a reasonable rate, saying I could hold it till June, and if hired, hold it for a year. They will all serenade them in May, is it, and might fly out to meet them, and be introduced to the sixty senior students. This is in a very polite craft, and much trust is involved.

I explained that, after managing HUNDREDS of clients on Wall Street, and the many dozens of architectural projects, some of them quite complex with many, many factors, would be able to handle the flow. A so called normal person CANNOT call sixty persons and capture a flow, some of it complex, and parse it down to A, B, C level engagement, then, in kind, 1, 2, or 3 for quality:
———- ———-

A1 A2 A3
B1 B2

This is who you talk to. And maybe not discard, but cum pareto, marginalize the B3, C2, C3 constituencies.

You don’t jump in with two arms and two legs and two eyes with sixty, but pick the top 15 and hit it. Then you instrumentalize the next 30. And get what you can if not contain the bottom 15. It is a process.

Fact is, some are easy to talk to but cannot add value. Others, were it possible, could add much but too difficult or disorganized. So you focus and capture the value chain. I can do this in spades. Complex, large, long term project and tasks.


Just as a normal person cannot free dive and go down 200′ underwater with no scuba gear and can be trained, so here.  I can engage a large group and track and managed the moods, flows, personalities.  After 100k phone calls on Wall Street, I learned a bit.  And still am.

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