Here we are, on earth.  Such a dream!

Lets suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream, and you would naturally as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes. You would have every kind of pleasure, you see, and after several nights you would say, well that was pretty great, but now lets have a surprise, lets have a dream which isn’t under control. Well something is going to happen to me that i don’t know what it’s gonna be. Then you would get more and more adventurous, and you would make further and further out gambles as to what you would dream, and finally you would dream where you are now.” – Alan Watts

Or if you prefer instead:

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Leaders are persons, who guide a
group, according to a clearly stated plan,
ardently reinforcing what is important.

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Its been awhile. Wanted to write several posts yesterday–for much needed updates on several topics and or engagements–but as Rebirther Sandra Ray said in her book on ‘Loving Relationships’ related to rebirthing: ‘Love drives out all unlike itself’.

And as a consequence of that, the divine gift was a new hard drive. One more day of life gone. Now I must write on demand, not comfort, so I am not too out of date. Never forgotten but much delayed. But I did have many files backup or, or if not perfectly, sufficient to have saved more work for reuse for when and if.

The divine elixir said, let David be lighter. Strip his PC of files and all structure. So be it. Inshallah إن شاء الله. Stochastical noise. The Tao. You name it. So be it dear god. Om Namah Shivia ॐ नमः शिवाय.


Much has happened, since the spring. Paul Beckwith and I continued to work together. We get along well. As many–but assuredly not all–of you know, I do his website. Now at  442,000 views along with 3,200,000 views and 15,200 subscribers.  We distributed a ton of work as a true team effort.

In the spring, famed Stuart H. Scott reached out to me, saying, ‘I sure could use someone like you’, and after making his Facebook following current and really generating a big push behind his twitter account–1,100 solid followers, up from 338.  Sometimes and as happened repeatedly, we are followed by, how shall we say, ‘specialized profiles’ who ONLY follow Obama, Gore, Trump, Chomsky, and Putin.  Stuart might be the 40th.  I rest my case.  Like Paul, he is also super, off the chart bright.

He played a major role not only in getting the Nobel Peace Prize committed to having a ‘NPP in Sustainability’, but got famed 16 yr old student activist striker Greta Thunberg to the roster, along with Pope Francis AFTER helping launch her into orbit as COP 24 recently in Poland.  He and I are enough alike to both be warned, and manage to go on working together.  Stuart is intense.  He is honest.  And he is driven.

In late summer, the State Department approached me about intelligence roles and I said, right off.  I am NOT applying for anything.  If you want me, YOU will need to contact me. They did.  Right away.  Fast forward, to late winter, early spring 2019, and people are promised to travel to come see me, and make a report.  I am told my skill sets are most unusual.  I admit that I believe them here.

Spreadsheet mavens are not impossible finds nor data cognoscenti, nor CRM configuration specialist (Customer Resource Management, software), nor super salesmen who can just about call anyone on the phone, and if there is a way, get through by combined charm, pushiness if not zany disarming humor, but add meditator intuitive who are chess playing strategists who believe in collapse and have visions of what are to come.  I can feel.  I can see.  I am your guy.

My running started at age 11.8 and 48.7 years later still goes on.  And even if as is true, that I cannot quite remember the last time I had a flu or cold, since maybe 2012 think it was, but something was not right, so blood pressure medicine got put on the table perforce.  Never imaged I would agree but had to.  Still do two hour timed runs each week, with bits of infill.

I still work with Ken Kubitz weekly, sometimes twice per week and now soon to be four years latter, have sorted most of his papers.  I even cook for him, do his investment account.

I will help A&S with their stock strategy.  Great persons.  A real delight.

I fired miss P.  Just too painful to work in her home on admin weekly.  A great person with 20% I cannot forbear.  I wish her well.  Same with ‘F’ Industrial.  Same.  Gave up my role.  sometime in romance, a man and women can love each other but not stay together. Same in business.  Romance and finance.   Hard work is just to hard to hurt and suffer all the time and two leaders must pull together to step down and let those more suited step in.

Governor Jay Inslee is just down the road and have begun to work towards reaching him or his key lieutenants, since he really needs my help, more than he can know, on his Climate communications and email strategy in his Presidential Bid.  It remains to be seen if we will or even would like each other or not, or trust or not trust.  But my intuitive flash was, A. he needs me, B. his candidacy based on climate made a LOT of sense at a passing glance, but have not detailed it, and C. fit with my already in place resolve to meet Bill Gates and or Jeff Bezos about Cask and Contain nuclear power.  I am D. NOT saying they are perfect, but am practical.  They have resources that can make a big difference out of pocket change, and E. am told both are behind it. So be it.

I turned sixty in the fall.  I have not a perfect life or embody all good sense, but am by now a true expert in what not to do in dozens of experiences, initiatives, and project rubrics.


Gentle reminder:  My interview, on ‘Extinction Radio Episode 38 8th Jan 2016 Vinit Allen/David Korn‘ is here–money-shot for the impatient, key part at 42:00 min mark. 47:30 for apotheosis.  My some representative YouTube videos are here and here (were republished, so view count now way off).  My twitter is Heuristical.  Not active, but plan to give to myself what I have given to others in size.
——— ———-

Recent interview with Wolfgang’s, Faster Than Expected.  Quick addendae, off to meeting.  More later.  Fast:


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New Advisory, On Finance

You know the type, went to Princeton or CalTech, got a PhD in atomic physics, but prefers to work part time in a bicycle shop instead, with a simple and inexpensive lifestyle yet would never tell you they had an advanced degree.  Minimal, calm, more or less content, relative to the scale of all the things that can become a man or woman–rancorous if not expensive divorced with kids, stuck holding the bag on back taxes, due to the malfeasance of a former if not long departed business partner, ill health, or depression.  Relationships, finance, health, and soul.

I used to manage 40M at Morgan, inches shy of becoming a Senior VP and, at this point, probably bought and sold 200 or even 300M in stock or equivalents since my ignomious end in 2000.  Lessons learned.  Compliance.  Integrity of agreements.  Impeccable disclosure, etc.

So years latter, when folks approach me, about helping them with their money, you could imagine how many hundreds of things go through my mind, when occurs.

Recently, in addition to the 200k I have been managing in the last year or two, for A & S on a fee basis, a gent I have worked for in the last three years approached me recently, about helping him with his portfolio.  East street.  Yet what is not so easy:

I am not a stranger to this situation.  In fact, not only do I know ALL his situations, but have worked in his home, for YEARS, on all his administration.  In addition to organizing his stuff, I have seen ALL his accounts, if not authorized administrator on several accounts.  And when not signed, surely get to see it all…… Yet over years, not once, not once did I ever offer and opinion about his stocks.  I asked once, a year or two OK, ‘How do you decide what to sell?’  That is all.

Its like being a serious free climber, and asking a new climber, ‘I see you can get up there.  But how do you plan to get down?’  Very gentle and understated.  Not ‘Dude!  You wanna die??  WFT are you doing??  Nuts!’

Recently I was asked–by him–to look after his 250k.  But not only do I not have TPA, ‘third party trading authorization’, but his brother is an attorney.  A big one.  Like 10M+ type wealth.  He was lead on the Enron litigation.  Writes letters to SEC, on observed issues.  Lord.  Yet K and I get along well, and have well earned trust.

It all changed Monday.  He said, ‘Sounds good to me’, as to my being a lot more involved.  Finally.  Three year rapprochement.  Now, the small matter of directing activity, as executed by the Client directly, without HIS Schwab broker having a heart attack, by feeling threatened.  Lets see what happens.


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Market Analysis and Lead Development

A successful and very well established and radio podcast on Ecology and Climate approached me in December, wanting to know exactly what I did and how much my standard rates were.

This was due to my having supported a well known climate systems scientist, by having continuously developed and furnished his website since September of 2015, and in due course, having interacted with this podcasts founder and producer on matters of content and distribution.  This show has been furnished for nine years and is broadcast in 93 locations.

Not only did we–the founder and I–always get along well, but this scientist had said he valued the opinion of two specific persons, for key matters at HIS site–this podcaster and me.  Moreover this podcaster was the favorite interviewer of scientist I have been supporting.   So it was all an easy and comfy approach, within a circle of confidence.

What is interesting to me and very unique, is that I never approached the radio show about consulting, but they approached me, given my reputation for consistency, accuracy, and performance.  AKA results.

They needed two things:  one, practical insights as to how to improve their webpage, and two, my expertise in developing then deploying a direct sales process.

Since they already had a complete web rebuild, this was a matter of helping them be more effective–a good site which could still be better.

On the other hand, they had no direct sales process, and we both agreed that it was money well spent, to find out the feasibility of cold calling.  ‘Unsolicited email’ is proven, as NOT effective.  Folks dont read email like ‘this’, or if they do, can hardly attend to.   We can bearly read what we get from our dearest friends.  But strangers?

So what I did, was a value chain analysis of the demographics of fifty US states, according to a mix over overlayed factors, ranging from red-blue, attitudes to gun control, gay marriage, and conventional religion.  I then narrowed down a list of ten or twelve states likely as favorable to caring about Rapid Climate Change, to a sample of six representative states to start out with–two in the northwest, one in north central, one in the northeast, mid atlantic, and south.

This gets into my bread and butter, which is not just to evaluate and operate and market/sell, but to establish feasibility.  As we say in Wall Street, ‘you cannot kiss all the girls’.  So we will find out, the yield, productivity, cost, and odds of success for a campaign of cold calling to college, commercial, and public radio and thus evaluate cost versus benefit.  This has real value, after operating for nine years.  No one knows and we will find out, without undue cost.

I have to not only analyze the market, but to get the leads, build the CRM, and make the calls.  There are things which you cannot hire a specialist for, but only a strong generalist who can see all the elements and operate them.

Lastly, sometimes you do a small project and it might not pay a large fee, but is very valuable for what you can give, what you learn, and what it can lead to.  Aka a great opportunity!

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When It is Time To Go

20180129_225337I once casually dated a wonderful woman once named J, who told me how she gave up her number one client, who generated over 60% of ALL her fees for public accounting, because she did NOT agree with how they wanted their accounting done.  Talk about brass.  Yet she could no longer accept things as they were, and said, let the chips fall where they may.  We were not a match, and friendship was the clear outcome.

Here is the real essence of the story.  She told me how, within ONE week of this decision, THE Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contacted her, and wanted her to do their public accounting.  Can you imagine?  They grabbed her and hired her immediately.

So three weeks ago, I resigned from the American based, Chinese start up, which I had been intimately involved with, since early December of 2016.  Yet there are no recriminations.  It was an invaluable experience.  Lots of good memories and things I so much appreciated.  I am not being political–doubt there are those who would bother to read or check.  Just a fact.  Yet there comes a point, among husband and wife, old friends, or associates, where you just know its not an ideal fit, and shed tension for the good of all.

Its so important, that if you work closely with persons, that not only do you appreciate them and they you, but that you share a vision of how work gets done and how business is done.  A core as it were.  And I must save my precious resources, to give my time and attention to those who I fit, who fit me, and who I can help.

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When You Know What To Do, But Remain Silent

I have worked for K for the last three years, sorting his paperwork, memorabilia, and possessions.  Every other week, twice in one week or four visits per month.  Besides his having given 40,000 golf lessons and ‘still swinging’ at age 85, we have had, by now, a long and complex and emotionally intimate relationship and am trusted by his key constituencies–senior lead attorney brother, estate planner, admin on some medical, access to banking records, the whole nine yards.  Sometimes, I even find $750 cash hidden in junk mail, so tell him, ‘don’t throw anything out, unless it’s through me!’  I know all his stuff.  98% of it anyway…

Months ago, when after he was ‘this close’ to ready to allow me, to set up online access, to his banking, which I surely get to see the results of, he decided to squelch it and said he ‘did not want to do it’.

And I used to manage $40,000,000 in capital at Morgan Stanley, yet it was not my place to offer an unsolicited opinion as to his risk or lack of risk, results or lack of results, balance or imbalance on his brokerage account, looked at thing as they came through, and never once offered a thought.  So if banking real time view privileges was out, surely not all the investments?

Yet in the course of conversation, two or three weeks ago, when the market tanked, he took a real interest in my views.  So we agreed for HIM to get online access, to his major broker, de facto, so I could see his account and be better able to look along, as distinct from month end prints……….. This is progress.

How hard it was, to establish pins, authentications, so as we got through it, first it was his broker concerned about red flags since K does NOT use the internet or email, then emails to and from his brother, notes, everyone upset or disturbed or affected.  Told them all  I cannot take this risk.  Not a relationship risk.  Not a financial risk.

I was asked to look at this.  That is all!  If I am right, I am a hero.  But if I am wrong, loose trust with everyone.  Know your place and tread lightly.  In the end, up or down seven or eight thousand dollars in a week is no joke.

Get over being so sensitive, and get over territory and help the dear man.  Yet I know why the broker was concerned.  I understand.  Yet mark my words.  Global stocks, aka the ‘synchronized global recovery’ is long in the tooth, and unmanaged portfolios will suffer when untended.

When you know exactly what to do, but cannot, and are in a group of persons, and where each one has a good opinion, and many shades of gray in confidence, trust, disclosures!  Help others.  That is my path.

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