Was asked by ‘the world leader’ to write their wiki.  Two thirds done now… epic.


Turned sixty in fall.  Expert now in WHAT not to do.  In finance, romance, friendship, places, projects, contacts.  I have room for one more good client.  ONLY a good one.  Money is not enough now!

Engaged in continued conversations, with major agencies related to the US State Department about potential special project.  They scanned me from A to Z.  Said, ‘Your reputation is very good’.  Long story.

Engaged by ‘world leader, eco-strategist to do their Facebook, then latter twitter.  Very powerful.  Not as learning, but reinforcing what I now know.  Building not so much a gigantic audience as a really, really good one.  Got numbers, charts to prove it.

It ain’t over till it is over.  The Chinese Industrial distributor, which  I was sales manger for, in late October, asked to have me back.  Its true.  Made an arrangement, that while I was more than willing to help, did NOT want to be full time.  Like the work.  Just not for forty hours per week.  Really get a lot out of it, as they sure do, too.

My income is adumbrated by managing a decent portfolio for A & S on a fee basis, private administrative and organizational work for Ken two times per week every other week, and continued work on Paul’s site as a world leading Climate Systems Scientist.

Meditating daily again, running daily, and now very long term healthy eating.  Three for three.  Release.  Sit with inner quiet.  Good fuel.  Seek irrevocable clarity as to what to do next and thus how.


After two years of steady effort, near finish of sort of Ken’s paperwork and personal property. 85 year old, professional golf instructor. Have access to his secure financials, memorabilia, Continue to visit twice per month. Next step, mail off valued items to constituencies, Oct 2017.

Enjoying chess again, for first time in two years. Playing Chess 960 at Amazing site.

Went to Coeur d’Alene Idaho, in late September, to have mind meld with my partner, who offered me 10% of his software company, with a focus on sales. By the fifth day–by then back in Tacoma–even though I had known the gent for 22 years, even having been his broker, it was surprising yet very clear that we were not a fit. Amicable parting on terms, so now, I am in the job market. Supplier below, has a rule, if you EVER leave, you cannot come back, October 2017.

Two years now doing Paul Beckwith’s site, and now at 2.5M views on YouTube, 250k at WordPress.  Still, ongoing, September.

Four weeks turned to six. They begged me to stay. Began twelve day vacation, using accrued time off, even shopping with president for phone equipment, till 9:15 pm at night, AT start of time off. Came back in September. Left clean. Continue to call them to find out if they are OK.

Gave four weeks notice to Industrial Supply distributor that I was a key employee in, to join an educational software company. Initially, told latter: ‘even if you were to offer me 25% more, I would not leave my company’, that’s how loyal I am. But circumstances can change, August

Promoted to sales manager, for supplier. Hired senior sales associate, trained him, and left so that he could stand on his own. With a view to inevitable transition, built detailed CRM so company could stand on its own, as MUCH sales knowledge was in my head, June

Approached by an up and coming humanitarian organization, about helping them structure, plan, and strategize, March 2017.


Joined start up, as an assistant to a President, of a Chinese Industrial importer in Bellevue, December 2016.

Interviewed as feature guest, on extRadio with 5,000 listeners, with hour interview. Podcast set to publish early January 2016.

Created WordPress site for well established boots on the ground, Recreational services company, and from virtual zero and no electronic audience, built site to six-hundred views for August after five months, 1k cumulative, Aug 2016.

Engaged for advisory by the world leader in a particular social perspective, for short term advisory on security, special resolution of a wide ranging issue crossing web, messaging, phone, access, and interventions on threat, January 2016.

Told wide audience that the Chinese PMI, set to print latter Sunday EST, could rock the world financially, which of course occurred massively Monday to Thursday January 1st to 4th. Mentioned late December 2015.

Invited by Port of Tacoma to engage Commissioners at end of January, on raising oceans, in our nearby Port which is certain to be underwater in an unknown but accelerating period of time, involving construction administration, capitalization, environment and habitat, and use, December 2015.

Booked viral video creator, to major radio network for feature, hour long interview hosting the worlds leading thinkers in economics, social change, ecology, and sustainability. December 2015.

Engaged by world leading educator and scientist to develop and distribute his website. They have close to 200,000 YouTube views, 5,000 FB friends, and 7,000 twitter followers. Major advisory, September 2015

Engaged by select private group of world leading climate scientists and thinkers, to develop and transmit proposal to message Rapid Climate Change to 100M persons, at a leading network shown worldwide. Contact development, team building, organizational development, planning, communications, proposals. July 2015

Business origination, state, IRS filings, partnership agreements, bookkeeping, hired CPA, established pricing of key components, private client Jan 2015 to present.


Support Group, co-founder, help message, create webpage for ecology support group, Gig-Harbor-Peninsula Sept 2014 to March 2015

Coaching, advisory, assessment, Private Client for motivational speaker and published writer, August 2014 to present.


Advisory and consulting, Private Client in small business services, Tacoma WA, June 2014

Long term development of photographic exhibition, strategic plan, and curator for, Sound Sound Studios and Savage Fruitarian Productions, Seattle WA, June 2014

Business planning, support, advisory and consulting, Private Client for US start up of Australian building materials manufacturer, Tacoma WA, Apr 2014 to present

Began coaching chess at Meeker Middle School, January 2014 to May 2104


Blog, Chess Improvement 100,000th visitor December 2013

Began coaching chess in Tacoma Schools, Stadium High and Mason Middle School, March 2013 to May 2014

Moved to Tacoma, January 2013


Called General Council of Xerox, and in five weeks, got overtime paid for two hundred+ persons, referred to senior VP of labor with callback in less than 25 hours, Sept 2012.

Deep into training for the ultra-marathon.  Got up to six or seven hours of running on weekends.

US Open Chess Blitz Tournament (five minute games), contestant in special one day event, August 2012.

Voted Secretary of WOCC, major leading not for profit group, January 2012.


Led business turn around, at ITP 360 2011.


Finished six years at Lowes, at tough, inner city location.  Easily met 400,000 persons.

Co-founder of gMc, Global Middle-game Collaborative, team of eight persons in eight countries, rendering 900 page out of print book into educational, database format.


First Vice President, Morgan Stanley 2000


Registered Representative, aka Stock Broker license, November 1993

Feature article about me, in Smart Money Magazine, Dow Jones (Wall Street Journal Publication) 1993.


Registered Architect License 1989.


Lived at Hwa Gae Sa temple, Seoul South Korea 1983, Lived in Japan 1984. Semi-finalist for Fulbright Traveling Scholarship to Kyoto Japan 1983.


Graduated from the Cooper Union for The Advancement of Science and Art, 1983: Bachelors of Architecture.


Graduated from James Caldwell HS, West Caldwell NJ, June 1976

Ran Jersey Shore Marathon, February 1974

After my family moved from a small city outside Newark seeking a better life in, I started designing complete houses, in detailed view, 1968 at age ten. Thus began what would continue for 22 years. Living the life decided by a ten year old. True.


Born, in a small city outside New York and Newark.  So got an east coast accent and a sense of straight forward action.  ‘The one who stays and fights is the one who loves’, teacher Joy Gilbert.

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