Enterprise: Executive Vice President. Led turn around for ten person Cloud computing start up. Reestablished all major operations for CEO stepping down from day to day operations for his technical focus, while providing direct day to advisory and coaching to founder. Major role in formulation of strategy for highly technical services, establishment of business structure, communication of unified message to staff, created staff disciplines, led all recruitment resulting in increased productivity. Major responsibility for market analysis, launching a structured sales processes, review of customer service procedures. Removed major obstacles resulting in successful business launch after internal delay. Prepared business summary then comprehensive business plan for presentation to mezzanine investors. Created detailed budgets, schedules, five year equity plan, business succession.

Restructure: Special Project. Advised CEO of development venture for major hotel, high end retail, and convention center for RFP to Portland Metro. Project focus: planning, feasibility, funding, design, construction, and operation of proposed national network of telepresence amphitheater’s and conference suites. Reformulated key marketing communications, including rewriting, reformulating concise business summary, suitable for submittal to investors, strategic partners, and agency and plan review. Established project structures for teambuilding, marketing communications, budgets, and schedules. Help clarify and filter project purpose, identifying major roadblocks, structuring solutions.

Financial Services: First Vice President. Raised $40M in assets under management generating $800,000 in annual fees. Prospected, established, then grew two hundred client relationship averaging $175,000 per account by making extensive use of referral. Ranked in top five out of 12,000 account representatives at Fortune 500 company in innovative product category, resulting in three promotions in two years. Made large group presentations. Actively managed client portfolio by forecasting business trends, evaluating market values, and allocating risk. Conducted analysis of entire business process for increased effectiveness, defined trading procedures, created own client contact manager, designed analytic market model predictive of market sentiment and momentum.

Google Expertise Advanced Reviewer and Advanced Map Maker. Active contributor to Google Maps by reviewing submittals for accuracy and authenticity, often fact checking by calling business owners. Sometimes major business are subject to sabotage or small business try to get localized to a neighborhood but do not exist. Moderates work of others, makes corrections, issues clarifications. Contests then follows up on declines to Google Corporate. Originates new primary records into system. Expert in Google Drive, aka Docs. Elaborated knowledge management process and personal effectiveness process in Cloud. Blogger: Leading blog with 100,000 discreet visits, previous mention best in category in English language. Google+. Recently started to create review content, so as to better understand connectivity of SEO, Maps, social media.

Social Networking: Project: Created, implemented and operated a well-known chess blog receiving 4,000 discrete monthly visits (current) which was selected by major national news source among top 21 blogs in English language. Recently authored feature article successfully published on best of breed, website commanding 100k monthly readers. Twitter: active and knowledgeable user both to its limits and capabilities alike. Late user to Facebook but learning to use it as a tool for messages, events, connectivity, as an activist, not socially.

Data Management Project: Co-Founder Partner and Database Architect. Principle role in conceiving collaborative technical production team rendering 900-page technical compendium into an educational eBook. Checked then delivered detailed database comprised of 4,000+ examples of over 100,000 data points. Coordinated team crossing major time zones including European, Asian, and Oceanic countries.

Group Process, Organizational Development, and Communications: Strategic Advisory. Envision Tacoma Pierce County, in association with CELDF, was asked by founder to help strategize, plan, structure, establish activist group. Established operational framework, major contribution in creation of unified web identity, CRM and group knowledge database, creation of content and scripts for public speaking, group presentation. Advisory to Director of Tacoma regional chapter, in association with peers in Seattle and Spokane, to create a group identity and presence in creating a movement of impact.

Principle organizational roles and accomplishments in additional media and multiple Nonprofit Organizations: Secretary of Executive Board. Completely reorganized an unstructured-but well regarded-Not-For-Profit organization. Resulted in unsought nomination then election to board of regionally recognized fifty person membership club. Arranged feature article with major regional newspaper, including initial contact, liaison, group interviews, photography then publication. Established fully refined contact management system, formulated two year plan, advertised in major national publication, formulated strategies for membership growth, and enhanced image. Originated content, operated, and edited actively managed hundred+ reader club blog. Administrator of 300+ member support organization. Reduced redundancy and conflicts by redesign of regional meetings by location, date, and frequency. Increased usability of integrated electronic bulletin board by resolving several hundred unclassified comments into nineteen conceptual categories.

Program Design and Operation: Established two after school weekly programs dedicated to transformation, seeking to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills, and developing personal character. Generated initial concept, approached then meet with senior school officials, and planned programs with student governance. Was operational within three weeks from concept to launch of program. Established policies and procedures, schedules, created communications and announcements. Conducted outreach to other schools, including competition between Mason and Truman Middle Schools, where was visiting Chess Coach. Meet with School of Math and Science aka SAMI, in view of seeding similar program. Interacted with IT department in obtaining authorizations, problem solving media and data. Conducted regular contact with school coordinators. Used motivational speaking and applied evangelism for subject. Employed strict compliance procedure in sending and receiving emails to students in program development and motivation, as specially authorized for this program.

Project Management, Design, Coordination, Contract Administration, Construction Projects: Managed complete project life cycle on a variety of complex, highly technical $1 to $8M dollar institutional and government projects including: Lead Architect for Olin Physics Laboratory at Wake Forest University from program criteria, interfacing with owners, donors, engineers, outside consultants. Key role in all aspects of production including competitive bidding, contract administration, capital budget, stringent occupancy deadline. Project Manager for Port of Seattle industrial facility. Project Designer for Greensboro Country Club. Projects involved feasibility, estimating, coordination/approval of component fabrication, negotiation, oversight of project metrics. Prepared technical specifications.

Logistics-Mechanizing-Customer Service: Sales Specialist. Successfully organized multiple disarrayed departments in $50M high volume retail warehouse. Extensively classified and configured environments for stability. Earned role of lead trainer, mentor in power equipment including fork lift, reach, order-picker, electric pallet jack. Executed detailed special orders, arranged installed sales, including detail measures, preparation of estimates, and sales presentation.


Principal — 2011 to Present
Multiple projects in organization, direct support, special projects, advisory, market analysis, data analysis, social media with emphasis on Rapid Climate Change.

National Account Manager — 2018 Half time.
Sales Manager — 2017 Full time.
Sales and Administrative Assistant — 2016-2018 Full time.
Assistant to President of Import and Distribution Company, Special Projects, Pricing, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Estimating, Scheduling, Basic HR, financial support, administration.

Chess Coach Advisor, Volunteer
TACOMA PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Tacoma WA. 2013 – 2015
Established, operated, grew then refined three separate after school weekly programs at Stadium, then Mason Middle School, then expanded to Meeker Middle School in Spring 2014. Worked in close contact with senior officials, outreach to city IT, communications. Special use of compliance in electronic communication.

Customer Care Assistant
HOTWIRE.COM, Tigard OR (Portland). 2012 – 2013
Resources through Xerox Services, LLC: Member of Express Team dedicated to servicing top accounts, was embedded on site of major commercial client, a major provider of prompt, value oriented, online travel services. Provided inside support to the supplier side of major hotels such as Hilton, Sheraton, Marriot, Crown Plaza, Extended Stay, etc. Specialized in regular contact with hotel front desk personnel, in accurately resolving supplier credit card, reservation, and operational issues.
• Acted as liaison between financial and operational units, hotels, and direct customers by identifying concerns, accessing and interpreting secure data.
• Resolved problems immediately, records outcomes, creates and communicates dispositions for back office resolution according to category and priority.
• Selected as one of fourteen hired out of 1,000 applicants, and 150 interviewed. Profile requires detailed precision and thinking on your feet quickly while exercising professionalism and tact with customer focus.


Various intermediate/short assignments: Portland OR, Metro New York, Seattle, Europe, and Australia 2008 – 2015
Provide as needed special projects, management services on-site and remotely in global environment.

Special Project Consultant
Cleverseal, Portland OR and Toronto Australia. 2014 – Present
Advising President of Cleverseal Pan America’s, on behalf of company in Australia and private operating owners as to business planning, investment financing, and operations for planned for manufacturing company start up, for overhead, large, and rollup garage seal doors for EOM’s. Advises on budget, marketing, sales, real estate leasing, and business strategy.
• Hired by same business person, who lead BoxPlay house below, that is to say, returning and continuing customer.

Special Project Consultant
BOXPlayhouse, Portland OR. 2012 – Present
Advised CEO of development venture for major hotel, high end retail, and convention center for RFP to Portland Metro. Project focus: planning, feasibility, funding, design, construction, and operation of proposed national network of telepresence amphitheatre’s and conference suites.
• Reformulated key marketing communications, including rewriting, reformulating concise business summary, suitable for submittal to investors, strategic partners, and City agencies and planners.
• Established project structures for teambuilding, marketing communications, budgets, and schedules.

Special Project Consultant
ICC, Internet Chess Club, Pittsburgh, PA, and Madrid Spain. 2011
Consult to CEO of worldwide best of breed environment comprised of 30,000 paid subscribers. Review of end user experience, usability policy, and market image.
• Strategic advisory on integration of separate operating divisions and web spaces in USA, Europe, Russia, Spain, Brazil, China, and India. Advisory on business development, and market image.

Executive Vice President
ITP Pro 360, Union, NJ. 2011
Major Involvement in inception and transformation of $1M high tech investment start up. Turn around role as consultant for Cloud Computing start up including major business structure, organizational development, strategy .Major advisory to CEO Founder. Significant involvement in all levels of operations including HR, finance, sales training, marketing, and motivation. Advisory on key technology selection.
• Created and refined 56 pp. business plan, with accompanying comprehensive financial modeling, five year budget and P&L projects. Designed overall equity structure for orderly raising of $1M in venture capital in four tranches to both angel and institutional investors.
• Major oversight on transition, turn around, and growth of eight to fifteen person staff; direct role in recruitment by vetting 100+ job candidates, several week interview process, recruitment of IT Director, hire of both a Senior IT Architect, an Executive Administrative Assistant, and two Junior IT staff. Conducted termination of two staff. Coaching to technical, sales, and entry level staff.

On-Site Support
Sound Sound Studio, Seattle, WA. 2009-2010
On site organizational support for multi-media studio including video editing, recording, and audio post production. Basic bookkeeping including Quicken. Helped develop client contact management systems. Special projects.

Partner and Cofounder
Global Middlegame Collaborative, Seattle, WA and Netherlands. 2008-2009
Feasibility, planning, and programming, quality control, and delivery of eight person technical production team of eight persons in eight countries of educational eBook comprised of 4000+ records database.

First Vice President: Financial Management and Sales Consultant
Morgan Stanley/Piper-Jaffray/David Korn Capital, Seattle, WA 1993-2002
Transitioned from trainee to senior broker, then to owner/private trader, managing portfolios, growing assets from $6 million to $40 million within three years. Attained recruitment asset benchmark, earning major bonus.
• Handled several hundred accounts for high net worth families and consulted with businesses on retirement plans, risk strategies and asset diversification.
• Recognized national sales leader in major product category. First Vice President at Morgan Stanley.

Architect/Project Manager
DLR Group, Architects, Planners, Engineers, Seattle, WA 1990-1992
Provided project management expertise, from start to finish on institutional and municipal projects ranging from $4 to $8 to $160M for major corporate and institutional clientele such as Port of Seattle, Boeing, Wake Forest University.

Previous experience also includes project management, design, and production in the Architectural-Engineering-Construction industry in NC for Edwin Bouldin Architect, Winston-Salem, Wm. F. Freeman Architects, Engineers, Planners, and Surveyors, Greensborough, in NY for Charles T. Young and Associates, The Stein Partnership, and Taisei Engineering and Construction of Tokyo Japan.

About David
David Korn Special Projects has over twenty years experience in the creation, planning, operation, delivery, and refinement of the complete life cycle of complex and demanding projects. These can involve people, results, or process. Projects can be for events, business planning, financial analysis, construction, litigation, or investment.
Contact Me
253 214-4282
Mon to Fri: 10 am to 4 pm, 7 to 9 pm
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