300 million.  Estimated dollar amount of stock bought and sold.

165 million checked.  Dollars of 6.2M sq ft. capital construction project for client, Boeing.  ‘David, we need you to check ALL the drawings for overall compatibility.  And you are the best person for it’.  Besides full architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, landscape, civil.  I was was an architects architect when I was active.  I could SEE how it all interconnected.  But by age thirty, it was old.  I started designing complete houses when I was ten, cities by age seventeen.  At age 58, I’d rather see how a planet or a complex system or small business interconnects.

40 million.  Amount of dollars I managed at Morgan across some 400 accounts for 250 persons, families, businesses.

400,000 persons.  Working on Rainier Avenue, at a destination, high volume, rough and tumble inner city location, estimated amount of persons I met, between September 2002 and November 2008.  Some have questioned this, but trust me on this, it was one to two hundred per day, day after day after day.  Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Years, New Years Eave, I did it all and saw it all.  In your face, swarms, multi-racial, multicultural.  Learned to recognize 40 different nationalities by sound.

450,000 views.  Built  and key strategy for website for leading climate systems scientist, still active over last fifteen months.   Materially helped them attain 1M account views at YouTube-1.03M today.  Ranked 38th in world now in sustainable climate and energy, behind likes of Greenpeace, Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Klein, or Bill McKibben of  I am his guy.   We battle rarely if ever, but I do have to say, ‘DON’T DO THAT!!’, so I have a key hand here in approaches.  This ain’t web design!


Double click to expand, Paul Beckwith, 38th

140,000 phone calls.  Wall Street.  What can I say.  We all did it.  And I sure did.  In eight years.  Day after day after day.  I got really, really good on the phone.  Still am.  [Rev, probably more like 130,000 now.  That was summer of 2000, Rev Feb 2019].

114,000 miles.  I am not fond of cars.  But own one.  My Saab-93 was purchased in August 1999, and still not over 100k.  Home is where I am happiest.  Working or living.   Travel to clientele as needed, of course :).

80,000 tries.  Power user at Chess Tactics Server, 2005 to 2012, web hosted chess training application, timed chess problems, at 91% accuracy [Rev Feb 2019, ranked 4th out of 2,480 at for accuracy.  Plan to be third soon].

40,000 dollars per second.  Saw it with my own eyes.  Amount the $40m was fluctuating, per second, at the market top, in my book of business while at Morgan.  I had all the stocks auto summed, to a spreadsheet, and was up 40, down forty, fluctuating like a weather vane in a hurricane.

40,000 items.  Number of items I got to where I could find them, at Lowes, in one of the larger nationwide stores.  140,000 sq ft. in my brain, only took 6.3 years, but I became known for it.  ‘David!  Glad I found you.  Know you will know the answer.  Do you have…’.  I am not a good builder on physical level, unless it be CRM’s or spreadsheets or in the kitchen or organizing closets, drawers, offices, but find the stuff.  That, yes I can.

10,000 vertical feet.  Climbed Mount Baker, technical back route with hired private guide, carrying sixty+ pounds.  Ate 3 large pizzas for massive carb loading the day or two before we left.  Lost weight.

7,000 in Cash.  I reported untraceable cash in my 2016 IRS tax return, for self employment.  When I look folks in the eye,and say, ‘You do not need to worry about my honesty’, I do not need to show stress or strain.  I don’t need to wince, but I walk my talk. I sleep without fear of anyone knocking on my door for such things.  As such, many trust me with their affairs and with good reason.  The gains are great, temptation to cut corners or save cash aside :).

503 friends.  If you think 1,000 or 2,000 friends at Facebook makes you more, think again!  I am not sure I know 200 of them well.  More here, to my way of thinking, is massive ignorance.  Not exactly 500 is, at this time, a severe aesthetic defect.

400 Kanji.  In 1983, number of Toyo Kanji I could just about write, in Japanese.  Never spoke it well, but write I could.

78 seconds.  Amount of time given, to answer on average, was it, each question, to pass the stock broker, NASD exam.  Brutal.  300 or more over six hours, and need 80% or more.  Some take calculation.  Others memory and matters of law.

60 years.  Some do not want us to know their age, but OK with DOB.  I don’t mind if you know my age.  DOB is private (ss# and that are the two key tools for credit fraud.  Once you’ve been through it, gets your attention).

59+ years.  Number of years ago I started drawing.  Six months old.  By age ten, was all but an architect.  Born that way.  Structure, create, plan, configure.  Like a fish in water.

48.7 years.  Number of years I have been a runner.  Not as fast as once was, but on demand can do it any day, near any time.

42 years ago.  Started making omelettes back in 1978.  Been cooking ever since.  Darn near never read a cookbook.  Got pretty good.  Self taught, just watching, tasting, experimenting.

39 hours.  Number of hours the old architects exam took, over four days.  Last day is to design an entire building in twelve hours.

36 years.  I hate to move around.  Number of years have been with same auto insurer.  Was with same bank till recently, for 22 years.  Loyalty is another value of mine.

20 women.  I don’t think it makes a man or woman more, to have ‘been’ with more partners.  I am not proud of this.  But I am not ashamed (privacy is not a hang up or preoccupation).  Of them, I can well recall three or four.  After the recent birthday, I am present to less the thirst for beauty and more the delight in warmth and kindness.

Age 17.  Signed my first lease in New York City, before age eighteen.  Landlord sat me down, ‘Normally, I don’t sign leases with 17 year old’s.  But given that you are going to Cooper Union–I will’.  And he said it in a nice way.  Amazing.  My mom said, when told her I was going to live in NY:  ‘You can’t do that!’   I said, ‘Yes I can.’  I did.  How smart I thought I was back then and how little I knew!

Thirteen Websites.  Some are just ok, some less good, but several are very successful, elaborated, and sustained over years of work now.  As a result, I now teach wordpress.

Ten hours meditation.  What I did each week in fall of 2016.  Every week.  Not 9:25 or 9:50 but ten, solid.  Like the gent who ran the Appalachian Trail, was it, in 49 or 48 days (or was it 42?) running 49.2 miles per day for the record, no need to look it up, but he could not take a day off, or guy who pulled sled 800 miles across Antarctica similarly.  You cannot do this and say, ‘too hard’.  So I do not miss an hour or cut it short or take the night off.  Every day.  1:10 on Mondays, 1:20 Tuesday to Friday, 1:45 Saturday and Sunday.  Time to get clear, be clear, do clear.  Bring it back to you.  Business or personal relationships, whatever.  What in Zen is called ‘wisdom of one taste’.   Same wherever you go, whatever you do.

Nine Minutes.  200 sit ups after eight months of training, summer of 2016.   Nine!

8 hours.  Number of hours I got up to, that I could run pretty much non-stop, by October of 2012, in Portland, ardently training for the ultra-marathon.

six years.  Time it took me to get my Bachelors of Architecture, Degree.  Take five.  Took a year off, and even did large commercial construction, carrying buckets of water till I could barely stand.  192 credit hours is not a joke.  Anyone who calls themselves an architect, for a two or three year masters degree–after a liberal arts degree–is joking, but many try it.  Too much to know.  Just like medicine.  Accounting.  Dentistry.  Law.  Finish carpentry.  Learning Icelandic or Finish?

5 states.  Lived in New Jersey, educated in New York, lived in Korea then Japan, North Carolina, Washington State, back to New Jersey, Oregon, happily back to Washington and in Tacoma since 2013.

4 countries.  Very proud of that one.  Done business with four foreign countries in the last three years, without ONE single conflict, delivering results, always got paid, not one misunderstanding about time expended:  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.  Have both established and led very serious projects with Netherlands, India, France with groups of persons.  Across time zones and multi-currencies is very normal for me.  Gifted my time to many in Iran.  Have worked full time for an Australian company, for several years, worked in Tokyo, have South Korean experience, knowledge of China, India, the Philippines.

3 Professions.  Was an architect, a stock broker, and now on third, professional knowledge manager.  Add building materials retail and could reword it careers and call it four.

3 minutes.  Amount of time it takes a good chess player, to play a blitz game, where you play your entire side in that amount of time or less.  Early on, eight or five minutes is unbelievably stressful.  Latter, you learn to get it all done in 2:45 or 2:50 for the entire game, racing to the end.  Becomes normal and manageable.  It is THAT fast.  Thus you can play 10,000 games in less time than you would think!  An addiction nice to have given up…

2.5 famous David Korn’s!  There is the famous writer for The Nation, and the inventor of Unix.  I like to say I am the half well known one.  Not famous, but well known in social medial both in rapid climate change and chess blogging.

4 start ups.  Want an education?  Do a start up.  I am on my fourth one now, two in a big way previously.  Just as they say you can never prepare to be a parent, similarly here.  You just cannot imagine what will happen in personnel, finance, markets, conflict, facilities, communications and technology.

1 hour, forty minutes.  Did Mount Si, carrying fifty pounds of water bottles and phone books, training for Glacier Peak.  Sometimes twice per week, after working in finance all day… Flying past hikes with fanny packs.  Word was, ‘if you can do it in under two hours, you are equipped to attempt to climb mount Rainier’, according to The Mountaineers and local anecdotal knowledge.

1 hour, ten minutes.  Amount of time I [used to} meditate each day.  This is not new.  But what is new, in the last year or two, is my irrevocable commitment to doing it every day, no matter what.  Often 40 minutes to start, then twenties and fifteens or even tens in slices, if need be.  Sometimes two hours per day on weekends.  Right now, that is ten or more hours per week.  Quite a commitment.  Bad days or off days, right now, are not allowed.  Not by me for me anyway [Rev:  I never miss a day now.  Years latter, just not as long.  Made it a permanent feature of my life, before bed).

1 Brawl.  I am not proud to say it, but had one fist fight in my life.  In 1983.  With a monk, inside a Korean temple.  Wonder I was not asked to leave after, dismissed.  I thought that I was SO right, but having lived a LOT more, now know 100% that I was 100% wrong.  I after hitting in the back, with a Kumite, Japanese for bear paw strike, I literally picked him up in the air, and threw him down.  Put him in a full nelson, locking him down.  He ran at me, but way too much ego by me then–I deserved his upset.  How did it end?  He looked so humiliated and ready to cry.  So I KISSED his shaved head, and let him go.  Kid you not.  Shameful. Very sorry.  Long ago.  My one time.

1/2 German.   Plan it.  Do it.  Get it done.  Say you are going to do it and do it. Darn proud of it.  Wished spoke it but do not.

1/8th Jewish.  Have been asked one hundred, two hundred times, name might as well be David ‘Cohen’.  Not because of my name, but David does help, but sound.  I am from New Jersey, a part of the state where 80% of everybody seems to be Jewish or Italian.  A way of being, acting, sounding.  Is what it is.  A Jewish personality.  But no, I am not.  On the English side, my grandfather was HALF Jewish and is not part of our religion or culture.   My brother has the same thing, asked all the time.  Worked in first architectural office in college, and eight of the nine staff were all Jewish.  Whole office.

0 Number of Adulterous affairs.  My father never cheated.  Not my mom.  Not my sister. Not my older brother.  Not me.  Its just not in my DNA.  Suspect these sort of things run in families, like alcoholism or in cultures.  I run my business as same.  Give your word.  Do it.  Loyal.  Trust is all!  Nothing complex.  You have it or you do not.  I have this one.

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David Korn Special Projects has over twenty years experience in the creation, planning, operation, delivery, and refinement of the complete life cycle of complex and demanding projects. These can involve people, results, or process. Projects can be for events, business planning, financial analysis, construction, litigation, or investment.
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