Resources (and Opinions!)

A creator of a website like this can burn a lot of time putting content up, all for naught.

I simply post the best of the best, that I can find, or examples of good, clear thinking.  Good design can show us more of the right things to do.


Great websites:

Webpage for Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google Inc

Flickr, what is not to like.

POF.  Has not worked perfectly for me, but heck, not done yet.  We are talking function.  Great site, easy to use in all ways.

Yahoo finance.  This used to be incredibly good, and now merely almost totally great.  OK.  You got me there.  But still very functional.  I am not talking stock-market, no more than I am talking NBA or NFL or Chess, but sortable, powerful data.  The way to drill in, is through the Sector List, at left.  It can take you deeper of shallower, but here is the best way to start.


Good design:

Wikipedia.  All in one place.

Chess Tempo.  Clarity.  No fuss, no muss.

Yahoo, Sports.  Sortable tables and stats.

Sagarin Ratings.  Pick a sport, any sport… clear, smart visual data.

LiveChessRatings.  OK, more chess.  Sorry, but so well done.  So clear.  So clean.



Craigslist.  More of the same.  Simply brilliant.

Tide Table.  For Tacoma–can be set to other locations.  Not meant to be beautiful.  But ten, fifteen thousand playing chess, at once, round the world–free.  Recently bought ChessVibes.  Not a matter of beauty, but everything, all in one place.



Chrome.  I worship at the alter of the Chrome browser.  Good as it is, it cannot do it all.  IE9, Firefox Mozilla, Safari, Opera, they all have problems, features, and benefits.  sync all your bookmarks, travels with you.  Some folks love MACs, Apples, iPad’s, iPods, iPhones.  I love Google.  They are not saints, but you need em.

Google Docs

WordPress, Blogger

Dropbox.  All your major files in one place.  I am not talking for personal, but for business collaboration.

TeamViewer.  Allows a collaborator to see what you see, remotely accessing your computer, session ends when you want it to end.

Meetup.   Lots of folks out, of all sorts.  Tons of good, free stuff.

Gmail.  I know, I know.  You know.  Its way more than that.  Searchable word text, is the thing–tying your work, your calender, to search.  They keep messing with it.  Its a fact.  But the word search capability…. will save you many a day.  I use it every day.  Some don’t want Google to know that much.  I do.  You don’t think both THEY and the NSA already don’t know most everything they need to know about you already?  Come on.  Get over it. and  Look outside.  You need to know whats coming down, and often they can tell you.



Getting Things Done, by Bliss


Financial Reporting:

Warren Buffet, the Woodstock of capitalism.  He says it like it is.  I read all his Berkshire Hathaway annual reports, and have done so for decades.  You don’t have to like Exxon or Coke or Goldman Sachs, nor do you have to like Burlington Northern.  You don’t have to like what it represents.   He just shows how its done, and clearly communicates himself, his decisions.



Google News.  Yahoo used to be it.  Not any more.  Even if so much that is written or said is confused, is a lie, or only half true, it’s important to know what is being said.  Hope that that is clear.  Think of it like being up on mythology.



OK, OK, this is getting way past tools, but the two major pieces of the puzzle are part of any array set to be able to parse reality.  So be it.

Nature Bats Last, Guy McPherson’s blog.  Not everyone agrees, but you better be aware.  If he is thirty percent right, we are in trouble.  Time to get serious.

Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed: Revised Edition, Jared Diamond.  Many have told this story for one, two hundred years.  He is just telling it in our time.

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