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Was hired by A in mid July, to teach them sophisticated investment practices. Cognoscenti out there know sophisticated is not a subjective term, but a formal NASD or NYSE term legal in nature.

With a great emphasis on major ETF’s, exchange traded funds, attempted to teach this very smart, very nice person as much as I knew, from how to model risk of major markets, to the relationship of bonds to stocks, the dollar to commodities, that is to say ‘intermarket analysis, and as much progress as we made, they decided in the end they they ‘would never’, accessed that they would never be able to do this at THAT level, not without a lot of labor anyway. Would be like me trying to learn Arabic or Sanskrit, when I never quite finished reading and writing Japanese, as many words as I know!

So they asked to hire me, to help direct a small to medium sized portfolio. As said to my Doctor of many years, as I was bending over durring a full physical, ‘Doctor Schore! Sorry you have to look at this!’ I am in very good condition and clean, but it is what it is. His classic response: ‘This is NOTHING. You should see what I have to look at, at The VA!’ Where he was two or three times per week for many years.

Similarly here. This is nothing. And mean it in a good way. An average person might break to have to figure out or decide what to buy or sell, but I bought and sold 200M or more in my former career. And the average account was about 350k. My minimum latter became half a million.

So when A said, ‘I would be glad to pay you 1.25 or 1.5%, was it, instead of 1%, I said no, lets learn to work together, and would rather UNDER CHARGE YOU THANK OVER CHARGE YOU. But as mythographyer Joseph Campbell said of great Indologist Heinrich Zimmer, when he inexplicably gave copious and great lectures at Columbia University, to a large and empty lecture hall, which should have been filed’but instead had JUST four persons, so here.

I manage this, as though it was five million and is for me a mission in redemption. Want to hire a top performer? Someone with something to prove for the love of it. True.

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Advisory on Social Media

Advised attorney, with 39 years of experience in his legal segment, as to his social media, which was already in place. Advised to create a webpage, NOT to hack the old one down, but to provide a place to launch their ample expression to, to a less formal place, and thus get their name out at Facebook and Google+, raise status in search outside oversize enterprise site, not fitting individuality, and personal uniqueness of said Professional. Arranged test interview, and prepared rough bounce, still awaiting client go ahead for production. Not a criticism. I can lead. I can follow. Two chefs cannot cook a major meal. I get along with most of my clients, but not all of us are meant to work together. I offered to return ALL the last retainer, said, “I want you to be happy”, re-established basis trust. Still hold funds, asked to hold off.

Said, ‘for me, its not a money issue, I win if I give you the money back, then I am not responsible’. ‘And if I get to help you more, I win. I know I can help but must be allowed’. Life is not joke. It is like we are ALL under attack. Not them. Not me. All of us. Following Nice, Turkey coupe, Munich, police shootings in Minnesota and Dallas, was it. I care so much.

‘Help others. Then the world will beat a path to your door’. It is true.

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Helped Major Activist

Created website, for major worldwide activist, both setting up his infrastructure and url, but menubar structure, and taught them all the bells and whistles to get them rolling.

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Engagement with Attorney

Helping an attorney with 38 years of experience in Personal Injury and Consumer law, further his web presence, and guide him as to going past a commercial provider of turnkey solutions, for corporate web sites.  While he is one of the best of the best, being outside a main city and a sole proprietor, the phone has stopped ringing.  Of course, he has had MANY overtures to purchase solutions to move him up into search, but its completely wrong.  And he knows it.

We are singularly readying him to produce and distribute fresh content, suitable to be populated to a blog, to deploy to Google+, now and again to Facebook very selectively, establish SoundCloud Podcasts interviewing and featuring him, and duly of course YouTube et al.

He is personable, warm, and very highly credentialed, and to an unusual degree in the medical area, since he grew up next to his several generation doctors family including many patient visits with his father, and learned how it all works, winning many a award and settlement, to get care and treatment for his clients.

But its 2016, and so much depends upon how we occur electronically.  There are no tricks.  Built it and they will come.

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Return to The Open Heart, Release Grievances and Upset

Return to The Open Heart, Release Grievances and Upset // Published on Mar 19, 2016

Conflict is not imaginal but real. At the same time, we all can chose love. Not just as a word, but as an action. I love and or respect all my friends understanding or aware of the Near Term Human Extinction phenomenon or risk. We need to all hold each other, both those who say we are in dire, serious trouble, those who believe in remedy or solutions, and those agnostic on the matter. We are the LAST who should be in serous disagreement resulting in banishment, upset, unfriending.

Struggle is real. But its a matter of degree, not of kind. We all can listen to each other, and when not a friend or true friend, at least not act out our frustrations or our own inner or outer conflicts upon others.

We need each other. We can forgive. Now is the time to mend. And if we cannot love, at least not hate. Its a choice. A decision day by day!

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