Winter Turns To Spring, Then Summer

The work with the Chinese start up continues to go very well.  We import and distribute industrial Fabrics.  My boss is smart, hard working, fun, supportive, driven, and ethical.  Sometimes you get hired–and not ungratefully so, but truly with good cheer–to be a Sales and Administrative Assistant, and wind up instead functioning much more like a National Sales manager, not in title but in the true and genuine activity.  Soon to be age 59, I am getting a bit past the phase of needing a good resume or title, and far more focused on results.

I have filled the pipeline with thousands of calls, at first, with great labor, but now after months and months, know what I am doing.  We are ready to hire a Junior Sales Associate, whom I will guide, and know what to do.  I am a true phone expert, and can talk to anyone.

At first, we called a LOT of welding safety suppliers, and have begun to emphasize ship repair and drydock work, in the large commercial area, and is very fruitful.  Thereafter we will more into MRO, maintenance, operations, and repair work, seeking large construction and industrial contractors and service providers.

I continue to be amazed how demonstrably civil persons are, in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas.  I am too old to start over in a new place, but if I did, I bet on the character of these people.  The average level of civility is MUCH higher.

That said, I am also amazed how much I enjoy, appreciate, and understand east coast persons.  Some alpha males try to scare you with blunt, ‘what do you want?’, ‘Why should I talk to you?’, and ‘What do you need?’ but after the initial bark, if you make it through, and I usually do by winning credibility, by being honest, direct, and efficient, these folks are not so scary if not amiable at times and not at all harsh or curt.  Then again, I am from back East… its like family to me and find it all amusing if not entertaining.

Lastly, while early on I begged my President into letting me elaborate, spend time on, making a solid CRM, she said no, when otherwise allowing me tons of room and autonomy.  She said, we must go fast, then we can do this latter.  So paper based system it was.  Oh the pain.  Not hers.  Not mine.  Both of ours.  There WAS a benefit to this speed, but now a cost if not, now and again, at times, duress as to who, what, where, when, why?  And now, six months latter, she wants it.  Yea.  Our work for the next week, to populate a giant sheet, with a physical existence system, offloading all our curated notes.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  I am happy again and uplifted.  I am reassured we can get a clean, tidy, solid structure and be more effective.  It is time!

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Business Start Up, For Humanitarian Organization


Kaizen, 改善:  ‘A Japanese business
philosophy of continuous
improvement of
working practices, personal efficiency, etc.’

A person I had coached pro-bono in the last year and one half–up to and including their establishing a SoundCloud account, then to effectively launch, establish, then elaborate a very well crafted blog on rapid climate change, emergency management for disaster,  and related Federal and State governance into social media–approached me in March about helping his group in the formulation, planning, start, and operation of a four person start up, which I have been doing with great success.

I guided this Director in many phone calls, emails, texts, as he approached, created, revised, and readied to implement his business, which is highly tied into the storm season cycle.  This eventuated in his putting into place business strategy about message and brand, processes for continuous business improvement, personal and professional organizational effectiveness, organizational development, building a sales channel, and content creation.

These are great people, who are highly coachable.  Giving time is not a laughing matter, but once you know someone, and get on the best of terms together AND they get it,  and if not near always soaking up and acting upon your coaching and advisory, then nearly always if you will, it really is a lift.  Both to not only the recipient AND the coach/advisor.

Helping others to get better, based on a many, many mistakes and some gigantic judgements–so that others can benefit from a now lifetime of scrapes and bumps–is uplifting.  I am the WIDE angle lens for business.  I have seen it all and still do.  Every day.

This person is on this third and final draft of his business plan after months of work, where I told them, that slower is faster.  Like a master builder.  Plan it.  Do it.  Deliver it.  Refine it.  Repeat.  Its hard enough to be able to do anything, without knowing exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how you will do it.  The drive to attempt, frame, and formulate matters more than the correctness of final fact.

And own your message.  Regard others.  Be highly responsive.  Don’t go too slow or too fast, nor too large or too small, but rather get to business flow and regularity, where instead of laboring ONE part of component, you develop ALL the parts so you can see what to do next, by not overly polishing small pieces, so you can see how all the parts interact.  Build it and they will come.

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Good Decisions I Have Made

Decided to apply to The Cooper Union Architecture School, despite being told that there was NO way I could get it, as it was harder to gain admission to than Harvard or MIT. I got in against all odds. The word was, that it was ‘impossible’. It was providential.

Decision to get an apartment in New York, instead of commute from Metro New Jersey, where I was from. Decision to LEAVE New York. Felt like I getting out with my life. Image of the man chased by deeply motivated and athletic natives, an d when he gets to the compound, goes through a large wooden gate, and AS he is passing though, dozens of spears are launched right at him, and hit the closing door, ‘thud’, ‘thud,’ ‘thud’, just missing him and certain violent death, as the doors are closing. Saved by inches or milliseconds.

Decision to learn Japanese, apply for a Fulbright, then travel surprisingly instead to South Korea with not ‘just a Zen Master’, if such can be said, but a VERY great zen master, historic in the last two hundred years.

Decision to leave the south.

Decision to go to Seattle.

Decision to leave architecture. Age ten to thirty-two. Twenty-two year love affair, inexplicably and unpredictably ended.

Decision to go to Wall Street.

Decision to climb mountains.

Great decision! Decided to leave blogger and go to WordPress. A good decision beyond imagination. So consequential.

Decision to leave Seattle, go BACK to New Jersey and take care of my old mother in what would become a horrid hospice situation (horrid not with her, but my siblings), then to come back out west, clearly avoiding horrid Seattle (SO overrated) for Portland (nearly as over-rated as Seattle–massive traffic, no different than Detroit, if you ask me), then settle beyond wildest dreams in of all places, Tacoma. OMG. Like the blind date, with the comely girl expecting not much, I found love if not much beauty (read comfort, life, access).

Decision to resume formal meditation. Decision to sustain it. Decisions to amp it up. Decisions to ask for what I wanted and ‘dial it in’.

Decision to resume playing chess. Decisions to stop.

Decision to reduce if not eliminate gluten and dairy.

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Record Key Events and Outcomes


A few weeks back, I drafted a nice outline of the major numbers of my life–from my age, numbers of professions, states lived, countries done business, capital bought and sold.  Enjoy!  I left it in draft, but publish it now, here.  Summary continues at link.
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