Good Decisions I Have Made

Decided to apply to The Cooper Union Architecture School, despite being told that there was NO way I could get it, as it was harder to gain admission to than Harvard or MIT. I got in against all odds. The word was, that it was ‘impossible’. It was providential.

Decision to get an apartment in New York, instead of commute from Metro New Jersey, where I was from. Decision to LEAVE New York. Felt like I getting out with my life. Image of the man chased by deeply motivated and athletic natives, an d when he gets to the compound, goes through a large wooden gate, and AS he is passing though, dozens of spears are launched right at him, and hit the closing door, ‘thud’, ‘thud,’ ‘thud’, just missing him and certain violent death, as the doors are closing. Saved by inches or milliseconds.

Decision to learn Japanese, apply for a Fulbright, then travel surprisingly instead to South Korea with not ‘just a Zen Master’, if such can be said, but a VERY great zen master, historic in the last two hundred years.

Decision to leave the south.

Decision to go to Seattle.

Decision to leave architecture. Age ten to thirty-two. Twenty-two year love affair, inexplicably and unpredictably ended.

Decision to go to Wall Street.

Decision to climb mountains.

Great decision! Decided to leave blogger and go to WordPress. A good decision beyond imagination. So consequential.

Decision to leave Seattle, go BACK to New Jersey and take care of my old mother in what would become a horrid hospice situation (horrid not with her, but my siblings), then to come back out west, clearly avoiding horrid Seattle (SO overrated) for Portland (nearly as over-rated as Seattle–massive traffic, no different than Detroit, if you ask me), then settle beyond wildest dreams in of all places, Tacoma. OMG. Like the blind date, with the comely girl expecting not much, I found love if not much beauty (read comfort, life, access).

Decision to resume formal meditation. Decision to sustain it. Decisions to amp it up. Decisions to ask for what I wanted and ‘dial it in’.

Decision to resume playing chess. Decisions to stop.

Decision to reduce if not eliminate gluten and dairy.

Knowledge manager, who can create, plan, furnish, operate, refine, and deliver complex processes involving people, products, results.

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2 comments on “Good Decisions I Have Made
  1. Sasha Delacruz says:

    I do consider all the ideas you’ve presented to your post. They’re really convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too short for newbies. May just you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

    • Thank you Sasha. Will do. Really appreciate your comment. Being–right now–in industrial sales, I spent all day, ALL day, all week, all month trying to reach others, then when I do, evaluate, record, curate the merits of it. Then detailed email. So its a matter not just of time or inclination, but energy. Sometimes, I run for four hours, over three runs, over five days AND make most of my own health food. C

      Choices. I am influenced by your comment and will try to furnish something based on not just what you say, but what I FEEL is under it. I cannot know, but feel. Thank you. David PS, I was much inspired by the chess blog, Chess Mind, where the author has ample philosophic, Phd level philosophic distinctions, yet, at times, writes short snippets. I used to be a lot more prolix, but would rather point at the fishing spot or say, this sort of fishing is good, than diagram all the steps. Trained as I am, I know how to do that, but its like a fast car, that cannot have a suspension for off road, or the off road car that cannot take a curve at 200 mph. Choices. Speed, quality, cost. Pick two!

      Modes of being: over powering, subservience, delaying. Most humans tend to draw on one, not three. Its typopology. Design a building for hot or cold, wet or dry, fast or permanent, invest for maximum capital gains or, what is professionally called capital preservation, aka not the return on capital but return OFF. Deep friendships but few, or many, but unable delve deep. So, in investment, suitability is the term. Know your customers. So, the question is, who are, what are you trying to do, how well, how fast, or several things or one one big thing, ala Berlins’s famed essay on Tolstoy who was a fox who wanted to be a hedgehog, the person who knows one big thing but seeks to be more polymorphous.

      Just got in. I am tired. I must lay down now.

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