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Update on Short Engagment

Google runs a business, which I do not begrudge. They have created and or shared so much content, if not efficiency, while growing personal wealth for investors, and shareholder-owners. Can I explicate the darkness around this? Of course, but it

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Support of Major Accomplishment by Client

J approached me materially in April about taking their web site, and uplifting it. Truth be told, this was as I said before, a Senior Technical manager for a Fortune 100 Corporation, who had and has the chops to do

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Results, Short Localization

From the start I told B, ‘I am NOT a web designer’, but ‘USE the creation of a simple, free, easy to construct website as an ingredient for getting you on the web’.  I call this localization.  A website need

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Local Engagement

When I moved into the Proctor District in 2013, one of the first things I did in the summer was to deeply work through the Google Map Maker Process, earning an Advanced Map Maker and Advanced Reviewer credential.  This has

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Meditate to Know What to Do, or How I Think

Its a bit late for me for pretend to be conventional, so why stop now.  Which is why I will illustrate how I structure business thinking and approach project strategy according to my decision to FINALLY meditate regularly.  Lest there

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What I Can Do

Available for short to intermediate assignments, on site or remotely.  Click to download this document, here:  David Korn Special Projects Summary iii

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Develop Your Own Data

There comes a point where you are not an end user, not a student, not a customer, not a consumer, but source your own work.  You would rather be a provider than a consumer, rather generate your own data than

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New Engagement, On Client Site

There is a saying on Wall Street, that if you do a trade for a new customer, this is not a client but a TRANSACTION.  Or as my wise neighbor Jan TRIED to caution me, in 2009 when I met

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Having a Process

If your life is not complex or your interaction with customers and projects and process were not already daunting then you probably would NOT already be reading this or visiting.  But if it is or they are, then you get hit with

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Having a Plan

Having a plan is more than knowing what you want to do and how you want to do it, but it means writing it down. It does not need to be elaborate, but the KEY is, its physically based and,

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Measure, Track, and Classify Things

Everyone has their strong suites and counting, in a very heuristical way, is one of mine.  An example:  if year end is approaching and I am on track to run 97 times that year, I will push myself to get

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Progress on Long Term Arts Project

Two years ago, Seattle Artist Tom Fallat and I decided it was finally time to start going through his MANY wonderful artistic photos, and select a set of candidate best images.  We have seriously talked about doing this for ten

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New Engagement

A senior person with very refined technical and managerial skills reached out to me, to help them substantially complete their website, which was started early this year. Sometimes I help folks do what they cannot do.  Sometimes help people do

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Ongoing Engagement, Major Project

Quickly in medias res here. In the last two or three weeks, I have launched our project forward, having either contacted THE top persons in the English speaking world in our category, or when not otherwise conveniently available, made direct

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Recently got the go ahead from several major players in the English speaking world, in one of the major activist areas, to represent them in getting on a major network, for a feature group interview. In the process, reached out

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Services Provider, New Business Advisory

An unusually mature man of around thirty years, finished a professional certification program, in the wellness area, and is ready to transition from a full time alternate career, in another services business, to initially part time services, working out of

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Donation to Charity

Recently, a woman I know from Facebook who has always been forthright, intelligent, and responsive said she was asking for help with fundraising. I thought it would be the most fruitful to give my time, instead of money, in helping

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I always thought that a robust sales process combined with a profoundly disciplined operating process were the two essential ingredients in the successful startup or turn around of a business needing renewal.  But I was wrong. Its takes three things, not

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Running Things Part I

You cannot get real business experience online, no more than you can learn to really play golf or tennis online.  You have to actually do it.  You have to experience it.  But it helps to hear about factors of success

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Putting It All Together

We are moving quickly now.  First we looked at knowing what type of situation your business or personal effectiveness is in. Then we looked at getting a handle on identifying types of customers and relationships as they arise. Then we looked

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Mapping: Important-Urgent, Important-Normal, or Important-Long Term?

Some things are really important, some basic tasks are neither critical nor minor, and some projects or endeavours  are minor or just unimportant. The other one is urgency.  Some things must be done immediately, some are of basic need and not

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Know What Sector You Are In

There was a Wall Street analyst who said that Boston Market was not a restaurant company but a HIGH RISK LENDING company.  How true.  They failed to stay in business, by instead focusing first on selling franchises that dependably served

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Types of Situations

Not Having a System: Base level. Total chaos. Crisis. Losing money, losing key staff, poor records, problems with addictions, personal relationship problems falling over into the work day, broken systems or just not having a system. Being sloppy. Not keeping

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Communicators and Engagers, or Deflectors and Hiders

In my day to day work, I see two major patterns: on the one side–there are the folks who CAN BE DEPENDED ON TO answer their phones, read their email (or if they don’t right away, at least will attempt

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Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Business

Not sure if I have the stripes that go with rank or just simply benign scars. But I have experience. Of that I am certain. Result, a wide angle lens in enterprise. I am a stock broker architect shaman fork

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ABC’s of Operating Discipline

In an era of smart phones, mobile communications, texting, aps, and all the clutter which SEEMS to make us more effective, any manager who has spanned not years but decades can tell you that things are NOT better, but worse–in

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What I Do

David Korn Special Projects helps individuals and small business owners start, operate, and refine projects. Lets face it, if you did NOT have a problem, you would not be looking at me right now. I help entrepreneurs, initiatives, groups, and

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Psychological Type

Its important to know and thus be able to identify the sort of person you are dealing with, and thus know how to meet them, serve them. Some folks get along with everyone, others good with some and not with

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Major Organizational Development, for $1M Corporation

K asked me to help him start CSP, which I did, at once wearing the hats of a business planner, executive coach, financial analyst, owners representative, lawyer, accountant, sales coach, fork lift drive. Need I go on? My pride and

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Business Origination

Starting a business is very, very hard work. And simple things which are set up early on, if done wrong, can really really cost you–never mind just money but real aggravation. K. asked me in April 2014 to call his

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J and J

There are two more of them. They came at once in the strange way of life. JH in Mountain States and JD in the Southeast. Gave specific mentoring to both. The prior created a video that she vowed NOT to

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Structured Content II, More About ETP

There were five hours of videos on community rights, by CELDF. Good people who had not been edited. I had L literally score the videos, taking notes on every key phrase. Since she is so smart, she nailed it. Capture

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ESG Peninsula

L and I agreed that in addition to our work in community rights, that the great work of ESG of Tacoma deserved to be shared on the Peninsula, and together we build a simple website for it. I so much

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Public Speaker

I am not making this up. J the homebuild was in June, J the public speaker in July, and the two J’s in January– see other post. But this J was a good writer, who had gone from 5M to

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Photography, Curating Show

I have a close friend who is a true artist and over many years, told him how he needed to be sure to capture his photos, by careful edit. By artist, I do mean artist. He is a composer, percussionist,

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Homebuilder, Aspires to Major Builder Of Multifamily Housing

J was a street smart, savvy guy who build himself all the way to a cool office with big monitors, six to ten houses being built at once, and cash flow positive. He hired me to review his business, talk

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Structured Content I, More About ETP

DOUBLE CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE If you are talking about thousands of names, you need a CRM, customer resource management system, or what I like to CONTACT management, etc. Years on Wall Street tough me, that I do not like

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Organizational Development of a Political Party Regional Chapter, ETP

I go to know folks in the Tacoma area who were serious about economical, ecological, and social collapse issues and through them, called up S. who was spearheading the area “No Coal Train effort”. I told her, I cannot support

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Portland Oregon Special Project

I got a call from K in the fall of 2011 who was eager to help me refine his presentation, to the City Council of Portland, for a wide ranging Coliseum area joint venture involving broadband, restaurants, exhibition space, investment,

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The Director

You know those calls you get? This one was, ahem, from what ultimately turned out to be from an indigenous nation of about 4M, whose princess of the nation needed all her special projects done and or, have ME as

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Europe Calls

Twice I was recommended, by one of the TOP persons in the world, to help a 2,500 paid user organization improve. The first time, led to having breakfast with the President in Seattle, but no action taken. Then new ownership

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Cloud Restructuring

Called by ‘AK’, to step in and vigorously restructure a ten person cloud company.  Was made Executive VP within first week of service.

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The WOCC was one of the best clubs of its kind in the tri state area, of NY, NJ, Connecticut. But their President who was while intelligent, a self avowed history major in college turned near gnarly machinist, never quite

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Live in Life Coach, Home Chef

I was asked by Dr. S and his wife D if I would consider going to a major SW city, to live with his brother, an ailing Osteopathic physician himself, and in addition to life coaching, be a live in

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First Special Project

I met Marino Kuper of the Netherlands, a strong expert, near chess master, who had the idea of rendering Laszlo Polgar’s Chess Middlegames into ChessBase format.  Recruited eight persons, in eight countries, to render 4,158 technical compendium into technical eBook

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