Meditate to Know What to Do, or How I Think

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Its a bit late for me for pretend to be conventional, so why stop now.  Which is why I will illustrate how I structure business thinking and approach project strategy according to my decision to FINALLY meditate regularly.  Lest there be no misunderstanding, I have been in spiritual practice in one form or another for over thirty years.  I have lived with monks in Korea, had a guru, done ALL the trainings and intensives and retreats, yet was never a good meditator.  Sure–I did it in the group to be seen doing it or had to, but never ardently.

And now digging very, very deeply in my life, to be able to better access higher frequencies, I found a way to finally have a daily meditation practice.  I started out with ten minute attempts, telling myself, that if I could not do that without feeling like the walls were crawling in on me, that I could do FIVE.

I am a lifetime runner.  A close friend once exclaimed ‘David, you better be careful with your legs!’ (so as to not get injured).  Are you kidding me?  Told him, ‘Do you think after 45 years of running, I MIGHT HAVE learned a little bit about how NOT to get injured?’–that is to say, push it when its not right?  Being able to gauge yourself and repair.  Many times I have hurt–maybe not badly, but enough to where I could literally only run for two minutes at a time.

There is a thing called the Galloway Run Walk Method, where you run for a minute, walk for two, run for two, walk for three.  And so on.  Building up again in small amounts.  I have built myself up to four, five, and six+ hour continuous runs, so there is no misunderstanding about capacity.

What the breakthrough was, was that I HAD TO START MEDITATION, FOR WHAT I WAS FACING, and found I could do fifteen minutes a day.  Is it twenty minutes, which is better?  No.  Is it half an hour?  No.  But I learned to first nearly always do it, then, upon that, learn to like it if not want it.

In the first month, I missed eight days, so it was 20 meditations.  Then I got to where I sometimes did doubles, for start and end of day, or a mid and a late.  So now today, its 100 meditations in 80 days.  And it is good.


So without a pen and paper, I simply do a quick calculation, since I do well with targets and tracking a process I accumulate and record, and thought, ‘Well, if did 1,000, that might be about a year and one half?’  Its the end of August, so thats Sept, October, November, and December, four months.  Third of a year.  Add 52 weeks for all of 2016, and this fall at 17 weeks (third of a year), and the last week of August.  Viola.  That’s 52 + 17 is 69.  I see a trail.  Add last week of August and a third of a year is more like 17.3 weeks, so call it 70.

Seventy weeks.  Get to 1,000, less 100 to date, is 900 meditations.  Seventy weeks, 490 days.  Can I consistently meditate, twice a day for the next year or two?  I don’t know.  But the physicality of tracking pulls me and motivates me, and I am confident, numbers aside, that if I sit on my Zabuton (Japanese 座布団 for meditation cushion) for two or three hundred hours I might find something.

Someone once said, ‘Meditate to know what do?’ [1]. As my Guru Joy S. Gilbert always said, ‘Enlightenment is embodied in physicality’.

[1Jim Corlett of Kernersville, NC (just east of Winston-Salem), a most accomplished financial planner, with the American Express Gold Team. Quite a man. Thank you Jim for helping me in 1990! Such great business and life guidance.

Knowledge manager, who can create, plan, furnish, operate, refine, and deliver complex processes involving people, products, results.

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3 comments on “Meditate to Know What to Do, or How I Think
  1. Thank you for this post. Enlightening. I am struggling with my meditation practice

  2. dear madeline, thank you for your care. you already know what to do, so dont need me to tell you, but sharing is good. sorry for missing the link of the GRW Method, which I added.

    it helped me a lot. when you get to where you can run for two or three hours without great discomfort, and get down to zero, maybe not the ego so much as the sense of satisfaction is so very disappointed not only to run for only ten minutes, but with REAL discomfort if not short lived vitality.

    i have done this many times. rebuilt. so the translation is, those microbursts, microtasks.

    it goes for marketing. sure. great to cold call ten persons a week–those hard calls that might win you the next client. so maybe just one call. one walk. one meditation.

    now i sometimes meditate for 45 minutes, as i did last night…. its the pull. since i only meditated for 15 minutes thursday night, there it is, one plus three (3*15 min) = 4, and now i am back on track for 1,000! today i already did my half hour, and will do more tonight. counting so helps me…

    its saying, i will run three times this week, or get three rest days in ten days, or do 200 sit ups twice per week. if its 200 in six days, ok, but i try….

    i cold called on wall street for many years–the targets. ‘i will find 100 new prospects’, or i will gain $10M in assets this year, or revert 40% of my clients to wrap fees’.

    what is called in systems theory, lumpy integer constraints–weight 202 and vowing to be 198. weighing 155 and being a light weight lifter, ‘i will add five pounds of muscle by Nov’…

    i will meditate daily, and if i am not in the mood, i will do ten minutes a day! worked for me’ attainable bite sized amounts.

    read your stuff. we have much in common. blessings, dk

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for sharing, after years of yoga I am attempting to incorporate daily meditation in my practice also. My baby steps include 10 minutes 2 times per day since that seems to be my limit for right now, and my intention is to increase that to 30 minutes twice a day

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